2014 trends in wellness are a happy mix of innovations and rediscoveries of classic ways to stay healthy.  In this list, discover some of the more exciting (and controversial) wellness trends that conquered 2014.

Technogym;s MyWellness Cloud System

1. Cloud-based Integration for Gyms

Until recently, this wearable technology has been mainly personal and excluded the gym industry.  With the technology for cloud-based computing systems tailor-made for gyms becoming available,  fitness facilities are becoming an integral part of the wearable tech movement.

cycling to work

2. Cycling

The enduring popularity of an exercise regimen like cycling is grounded on the fact that it serves a dual purpose: it keeps the cyclist healthy and it gets you from one place to another.  It is also one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel.


3. Diet Meal Delivery Service

Let’s face it, dieting is too much work.  The amount of time and energy that goes to changing your eating habits to satisfy a set of rules is a large reason why people find it difficult to maintain their diets.  Many enterprising food businesses in Metro Manila have decided to take the boring part of dieting off your hands by delivering fresh meals straight to your home or office.

a man doing plyometrics

4. Plyometrics (House of Pain)

While plyometrics has been around for quite a while (House of Pain, anyone?), this hardcore workout popular among the rich and famous is still growing in its popularity.  Its promise of instant results after just a few sessions is worth the excruciating pain that makes its infamous.

a family hiking on a path

5. Hiking

There’s no better way to explore the country and experience nature than through hiking and experiencing the terrain.  It has become more akin to a hobby or a lifestyle than just a way to get fit.


6. Parkour

Born on, around, between, and through the city of Paris in the 1980’s, Parkour has spread through most of the urban world through the enthusiasm of its practitioners and its undeniable impressiveness.

a company practicing active sitting using Technogym's wellness balls

7. Health at Work

A few weeks ago we showed you 8 ways to work on your health while at work.  Globally, we see that more and more companies are getting involved in their employees’ personal, day-to-day health and wellness.  But this involvement goes beyond building corporate gyms and facilities.  We see companies actively promoting the culture of wellness into their employees’ lives.


8. Trampoline exercises

This workout offers more than just the nostalgic experience of bouncing on a trampoline.  The unstable surface of a trampoline forces you to engage muscles throughout your body to stay balanced making this a full-body workout.  But let’s face it, bouncing on a trampoline is just fun.

a senior citizen working out using a Technogym machine

9. Wellness Programs for Older Adults

Wellness has never been the exclusive territory of the young.  With the gradual aging of the global population, concerns over elderly health have been coming to the fore of popular consciousness.  With this, gyms and trainers have been offering more programs targeted to address the concerns of older adults.


10. Pound

If any of you have had dreams of becoming a drummer, this would definitely be the workout for you.  Using slightly weighted “drumsticks”, this combination cardio and strength class forces you to constantly move your body through a choreography of squats, thrusts, and dance moves.

 a cool marathon in san francisco

11. “Cool” Marathons

While straightforward running events are still popular, their novel counterparts are infinitely more exciting.  Color runs, themed runs (like the Zombie Apocalypse), and the “clubbing marathon” (where running is accompanied by live club music) are great for people who want to run but find conventional running events too boring.

a class watching a krav maga class

12. Krav Maga

Hebrew for “Contact Combat”, this fighting style was developed by the Israeli army as means of self-defense. It is heavily focused on real-world situations heavily grounded on street fighting, boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jujitsu, and wrestling (among others).

women using Technogym's state of the art Artis line

13. Green Gym

A great trend we’ve been seeing is the development of gym equipment that can actually harness the energy produced by human exercise to power the gym. Technogym’s ARTIS line features a full range of cardio equipment that harvests the energy produced by exercising on the equipment.  This energy can be used to power the machine itself or be fed back to the facility’s main power grid and be used to power the entire gym.

a woman practicing nude exercises

14. Naked Exercise

Quickly gaining (controversial) popularity in Europe and Australia, the concept of this trend is pretty straight-forward.  It’s basically doing what you regularly do as exercise (yoga, weights, Crossfit) but in the nude.


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