Monthly Archives: July 2014

The fitness industry has produced innovations significant in the wellness revolution happening around us. One of these advancements is the number of wearable tech devices and the game-changing wellness cloud systems available in the market. In this post, we will be exploring how these life-changing gadgets can benefit the health-conscious (or the not so health conscious) and change the way gyms do their business.
American sports is mostly associated with basketball and baseball. Football has been repeatedly overlooked, despite the numerous leagues formed and the American team’s impressive 3rd place position during the inaugural World Cup in Uruguay. It is good to know that this indifference is slowly disappearing.
Picking a high-quality artificial turf is crucial for game-play, safety, and overall performance. But the truth is, not all artificial pitches are created equal. There are key factors that must considered, with each contributing an important element that’s important to both the players and the game.