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We know that exercise is more than something you do to keep yourself in shape—it's a way of life in and of itself. It has it's own history, culture, and important landmarks. We've compiled this list of must-visit exercise destinations ranging from the historical to the quirky and notorious. If you're looking for a new exercise experience to get your hear rate going, these are definitely places you should visit.
Millions across the country are avid fans of college sports. The NCAA and the UAAP seasons are the most awaited athletic events of the year. Not only do they provide the opportunity to watch an exciting game, but viewers also get a glimpse of the players who will soon join the ranks of our national and professional teams.
School gyms are crucial to the world of Philippine sports.  They are the training ground for future professional athletes and the nerve center of school spirit.  And they’re more than just sport centers: they serve as auditoriums, graduation and prom venues, and exam halls. To meet the high demand placed on school gyms, we at E-Sports believe that seamless sports flooring can help.