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Running is a great way to keep fit and clock in some outdoor time. Whether you’re training for a marathon or shaking off the workday’s stress, it’s important to choose the right track that can give you the best and safest experience possible.
An active lifestyle is the perfect antidote to those common bouts of sadness. Many studies have shown that regular exercise and frequent physical activity release endorphins, that can lower stress levels, boost levels of confidence and fight symptoms of depression. Here are five tried and tested gym workouts that will certainly drive the blues away.
There is a growing global movement of people who are choosing expensive exercise regimes, juice cleanses and spa vacations over designer handbags and luxury cars.’s Hayley Phelan dissects this shift in consumer behavior, as people move away from conspicuous consumption towards wellness as luxury. While wellness can come with a hefty price tag, people are now happy to pay premium prices to look and feel good.