Monthly Archives: May 2015

Making a commitment to fitness starts with finding the right workout and gym that suits your lifestyle. But the search for the perfect gym is no easy feat. We at Esports have put together this quick guide to help you find a fitness space that complements your lifestyle and needs. With our list of suggestion, you’ll have your own favorite fitness center in no time!
Most workouts nowadays focus so much on strength, endurance and weight loss , hardly giving importance to improving one’s flexibility. Many don’t know that flexibility exercises bring a host of benefits to the body that can help improve workouts and even everyday activities. Courtesy of E-Sports International, here are some of the benefits anyone can get with allotting 15 to 30 minutes day to flexibility exercises.
With lots of sunshine and the longer days, summer is the perfect time to gather your closest buddies and try out a new sport. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up a list of the coolest and most exciting activities you can do during the hot days ahead.