Floors of schools and universities tend to be drab and boring. You can make a campus environment much more vibrant by investing in flooring designs that feature fun colors and patterns. In this post, we discuss the different ways that you can make your school come alive, while still ensuring safety and durability.

Add a splash of color to a school’s community areas

The Public Library in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands

Investing in non-slip flooring surfaces such the Rephouse Neoflex™ offers endless possibilities for both indoor and outdoor use. This Rephouse product artfully combines the essentials of design and efficiency to make spaces more attractive, but still functional and easy to maintain. The Rephouse flooring system is a great way to add a splash of vibrant color to spaces large and small. Rephouse Neoflex™ is especially recommended for high-traffic areas, as it is highly durable and can withstand the pressures of daily use.

Highlight school pride with seamless surfaces


E-Sports’ Decoflex Installation at Seed Montessori School, Philippines

Display your school’s colors with Decoflex™ Universal Indoor Sports Flooring. Another state-of-the-art innovation by Rephouse, the Decoflex™ Universal can be used to design sports and multi-purpose facilities that feature graphics, logos, sports zones and functional lines. Schools can also have their very own emblem custom-printed on the gymnasium floor to highlight school pride.

Create a visually dynamic display with patterns  

Modular tiles installation

In addition to emblems and statements, graphic patterns are another great way to add character to a campus environment. The Neoflex™ Duo with Graphics can be installed as modular tiles, giving schools the flexibility to enhance existing facilities using modern, geometric design.  
Feature fun and creative nooks

Chinese International School, Hong Kong

Rephouse’s quality surfaces are also a great way build fun and unique playgrounds that are highly rated for safety.  Rephouse’s Decoflex and Playflex flooring solutions are shock-absorbing systems that promote safe play, while at the same time maintaining a bright and dynamic environment that kids will surely love and remember.

For more information on Rephouse’s premium, customized flooring solutions that you can install in your school, contact E-Sports International today.

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Photos from Rephouse

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