With lots of sunshine and the longer days, summer is the perfect time to gather your closest buddies and try out a new sport. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up a list of the coolest and most exciting activities you can do during the hot days ahead.

1. Underwater Football


Grab your goggles and dive into the pool for a friendly match of Underwater Football. In this game, two five-man teams are required to maneuver a ball towards their goal, which is typically placed at each end of the swimming pool. Unlike its namesake, players can use both their hands and feet to handle the ball. This fun and refreshing alternative is perfect for those hot days.

2. Rugby Union Football


Looking for something more exhilarating than your typical ball sport? Try rugby union football, one of Europe’s favorite games. This contact sport requires two teams, each with 15 members, to bring the game ball into their respective goals inside a large rectangular field. It’s a no-holds-barred match as players can readily tackle each other to keep the other team from scoring. This fast paced and wild game is especially perfect for adrenaline junkies.


This game is regularly played in outdoor fields, but given the blistering heat, teams can also opt to go to indoor sports clubs, such as the new Sparta Training Arena in Mandaluyong City. Its Limonta Infinity 40mm turf is perfect for the rough and tumble action of rugby.

3. Bodyboarding


Here’s another water sport you should consider. Bodyboarding, unlike surfing, requires one to lie on one’s belly on a boogie board and ride the crest or curl of a wave. Users can also wear fins to help navigate the water. Head on to the beach with your board and conquer the awe-inspiring waves of the open seas.

4. Futsal


Addicted to football? Here’s a variation of the sport that you should try.  Futsal is played on a smaller pitch and is a match played among two teams composed of five members each. Unlike football, the game is played on a hard surface defined by perimeter lines. The ball used is also smaller and has less bounce than a regular football. All of these factors combined turn it into a more fast-paced and aggressive game that’ll definitely leave you pumped with endorphins.


Futsal is rapidly growing in the country and there are now facilities all over Metro Manila. One of these is the indoor court at University of Asia & the Pacific that features Decoflex LITE 7mm, a non-slip and resilient surface solution that complements the rigors of the game and ensures the safety of its players.

Take advantage of the summer season by trying these cool sport recommendations from E-Sports International!

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