Finding the perfect Christmas gift for wellness enthusiasts is about as difficult as losing those last 10 pounds—it’s going to take a lot of work! After all, whatever it is you’d like to give them, they probably already have. That’s why E-Sports International rounded up these five hi-tech gadgets that will give even the most discerning wellness aficionados a happy holiday:

Shine Flash

The Shine Flash equipment is a stylish alternative to gym trackers.

The Shine fitness tracker is one of the best gadgets for regular gym goers

The Shine Flash lets users to set daily activity goals, check workout progress, and even compete with their friends. It can also be synced to smartphones via a companion app allowing users to monitor their recorded daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and even their sleep quality and duration.  The Shine’s minimalist design lets owners to clip it to their workout clothes, sport it as a pendant, or wear it around their wrist.

Dash Wireless Earphones

This innovative equipment can track a user’s heart rate.

The Dash Smart Bluetooth is one of the best wireless earphones in the market.

Music is an essential part of many people’s workout routine and with the Dash Smart Bluetooth earphones, wellness devotees can exercise to their favorite tunes without worrying about tangled wires. More importantly, these earphones are also equipped to track step count, blood oxygen saturation, and heart-rate. Fellow Dash users can even communicate with each other via the high-tech bone-conduction microphone present in the earphones.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer


The Smart Body Analyzer measures both weight and your fat levels.

Contrary to popular belief, weight is just one indication of a person’s health. A more accurate metric would be body composition or the ratio between the body’s lean muscle mass and its fat levels. Enter the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, an innovative scale that measures both weight and body fat percentage to give wellness enthusiasts a more holistic snapshot of their health. Even better, readings can be synced to smartphones via the Health Mate app, giving users an easy way to log their daily weigh-ins.

Pryme Vessyl


The Pryme Vessel makes sure you are hydrated.

The Pryme Vessyl makes it easier than ever to keep track of adequate water intake—simply tilt the tumbler-like device and a white line will glow to indicate a person’s current hydration levels. Furthermore, the gadget takes into account a user’s sex, weight, height, and sleeping patterns to determine their personal hydration needs.


The Jawbone provides features that allow users to identify how much calories a person should burn.

The Jawbone is one of the most popular fitness trackers today.

The Jawbone is one of the most popular fitness trackers available today, but aside from monitoring usual metrics like heart rate and respiration, it also offers some very helpful features. These include Smart Coach, which helps people make healthier lifestyle choices, and Activity Tracking, which identifies ideal calorie burn for weight loss or maintenance.

Syncing your Jawbone tracker with a Technogym treadmills will lead to more effective workouts.

Technogym treadmills can be synced to a Jawbone device using the MapMyFitness app.

The great thing about it is that you can also pair them with select fitness equipment in the gym. For instance, Technogym treadmills can be synced to the Jawbone tracker via the MapMyFitness app, allowing people to import all their workout and fitness data onto the machine’s Unity touch interface.

Make your loved ones happy this Christmas by giving them these must-have fitness tools! And if you want more information about Technogym’s innovative products and fitness equipment, contact E-Sports International today.

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