Seamless Indoor sports flooring have become the benchmark for basketball and volleyball matches and for a very good reason. These surfaces, like the one E-Sports offers to the Philippine market, are typically made from a rubber-based mat and several coatings of polyurethane (PU) that is poured on site, guaranteeing a truly seamless finish. This modern innovation delivers significant benefits to users and owners of the facility that other surfaces, like wood and polyvinyl (PVC) floors, can’t offer. Here are some of the advantages and rewards seamless surfaces provide.

seamless sports floors are proven to be resilient

1. Better durability and resilience

Seamless sports floors are designed, manufactured and installed to withstand heavy continuous use for years. Rephouse, one of the world’s leading providers of sports flooring, has developed premium seamless surfaces that resist wear and tear and have an excellent force reduction rate. This is especially true for their DecoflexTM Indoor Sports Flooring options, which normally last for 10 years or more.

One other feature worth mentioning is that these seamless indoor sports floors guarantee stability. PVC systems can get dislodged over time and will need welding to repair, while some wood variants can easily get chipped. PU floors eliminate those problems. They constantly remain tough and flexible during use.

2. More cost-effective compared to competitions

Seamless indoor floors provide a ton of benefits while being less costly. Wood, especially maple, is double the price of polyurethane surfaces. While PVC is cheaper, it’s highly susceptible to damage. Repeated repairs and replacements can be expensive.

3. Reduced chances of accidents

Not all sports surfaces are created equal. Concrete and wood, when installed and maintained poorly, can become slippery and dangerous to the players. Slippery surfaces impede movement and may cause accidents and injuries, such as sprains and fractures. High quality rubber and seamless polyurethane wear coat floors have a non-slip feature, meaning athletes will be able to perform to the best of their abilities without the fear of falling down and getting hurt, especially during a dive (for volleyball) or immediate change in motion (for badminton or basketball).

4. Better impact absorption

seamless rubber have high impact resistance.

Another feature of these seamless rubber floors is that they have excellent impact resistance. The surface contains a first layer made using a rubber shock pad that absorbs impact, again reducing the chances of injury. This is especially needed for strenuous matches and training sessions when the athletes need to sprint up and down the court.

5. Multi-Purpose Use

Seamless sports floors inherent durability and its ability to reduce impact make it ideal for multi-purpose use. This exceptional feature means that the surface can be used for a variety of sporting events. They can also be used for other occasions, such as parties, dances, functions and examinations, unlike polyvinyl floors that can just be used for the sport they were made for. Rephouse Seamless sports floors are even resilient enough to withstand a woman’s heels without permanently indenting the surface.

6. Better for the environment

The Decoflex seamless indoor sports floors are halogen, PVC, and formaldehyde-free. Each item has also been tested and analyzed thoroughly to ensure that they cause no harm to nature.

7. Easy maintenance

seamless rubber floors are easy to clean and maintain

Most seamless floors are finished with polyurethane coating. Unlike typical wood and concrete, the floor is easier to maintain because it is completely moisture resistant and can be cleaned using conventional methods, like wiping and mopping. There are also flooring options that contain a microbial treatment. This feature reduces the risk of mold build-up, which continues to be a concern for PVC floors.

8. Best-in-class for different types of sports

The best in the industry makes sure that their floor options meet the highest criteria possible. They seek the approval of the biggest associations in the world of sports in order to make the claim that their rubber floors are the ideal venue for games and matches. Rephouse is one company that has amassed such recognition. As part of their strong dedication to quality, innovation, customer relations and service, the company has gathered the approval and recommendationsof such names as the International Basketball Association (FIBA), Federación Internationale De Volleyball (FIVB), Badminton World Federation (BWF), International Tennis Federation (ITF), International Handball Federation (IHF) and the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), among others.

Due to the significant advantages of this floor option, it is important for owners to survey their facilities and consider purchasing seamless sports floors. Not only is it a worthy investment, it also helps players reach their peak performance while keeping them safe. At the same time, athletes must begin actively searching for these indoor surfaces in order to utilize its numerous benefits.

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