wearable tech is fast becoming the most popular trend in wellness

The fitness industry has reached new heights of innovation in the last few years. More than ever, health aficionados are free to pursue their exercise regimens and wellness practices with the right equipment, with all of the information they require, and with minimum inconvenience. One of the most impressive innovations that individuals can take full advantage of is wearable tech and the recently popular and convenient cloud technology. 

a console integrated with Technogym's innovative cloud technology

In the first quarter of 2014, 2.7 million wellness-related wearable units made their way into the worldwide market. In 2012, the wearable tech industry was worth $2.7 billion in revenue. This same industry is expected to be worth $8.3 billion by 2018. It is forecasted that the cloud system will also reach these numbers very soon. Based on the numbers alone, it’s quite obvious that people like to use wearable tech and is an industry that is expected to grow and flourish.

It is easy to see the appeal of wearable technology. The information that you once could only get using bulky machines and through costly hospital visits is now accessible through a bracelet and a smartphone app connected to a cloud system. Recent studies show that there is a health boom among millennials. Young people are vying for healthier food choices, lower calorie consumption, and more physical activities. Wearable tech and cloud computing make the data needed to achieve an improved lifestyle readily available.

Introducing wearable and cloud computing technology into gyms will change the way these facilities work. It gives trainers a better awareness of their clients’ needs—from which equipment they prefer to their wellness-related activities outside the fitness center and even their mood. This information is critical. It provides gym owners the opportunity to create new products, offer different services, as well as streamline current processes.

a girl using Technogym's mywellness system

From Technogym’s innovation lab in Cesena, Italy comes the mywellness® cloud, the first ever cloud computing technology servicing the gym industry. In a nutshell, Tehcnogym offers wellness on the go. It guarantees convenience as users have the option to use their IGS key, mywellness key, or even their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers via an easy-to use app that can easily be downloaded. It promises results as it customizes a specific wellness routine designed according to your needs and lifestyle. In addition, the mywellness® cloud system not only provides an enhanced workout experience, but it also allows business owners and club operators a convenient way to keep in touch with their end users. With this advancement, trainers can send out reminders to their clients and even check-up on their progress and condition.

Taking a quick look at the 22 million posts hashtagged #gym and the 21 million posts hashtagged #fit demonstrates the younger generations’ growing commitment to wellness. Wearable technology and cloud computing is the future. Many gyms abroad are already utilizing these new technologies. How gyms integrate these advancements into their facilities will play a big role in keeping ahead of the competition.

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