In living a healthy lifestyle, it’s important for both the body and the mind to be in top condition. Integrating a regular yoga practice into your workout regimen helps lengthen and tone your body, improve focus and reduce stress. Yoga becomes even more beneficial when it is paired with other workouts using the world’s best fitness equipment from Technogym.

People exercising outdoors with Technogym’s wellness balls

Technogym’s versatile wellness balls can help yoga enthusiasts reach peak flexibility

Courtesy of E-Sports International, here are some exercises you can pair with yoga to achieve balanced fitness.

Be fit with Yoga + Cardio

Ladies wearing Adidas Stella McCartney apparel on Technogym cardio equipment

Doing cardio can improve your stamina for those challenging yoga poses

Combining yoga with cardio is highly recommended. Yoga gives the body flexibility and muscle strength, while cardiovascular exercises are good for the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Technogym’s Excite+ line is perfect for keeping the body, especially the heart, healthy. Included in the Excite+ line are innovative treadmills, bikes, step machines, and recliners. This well-designed modern equipment line from the world’s premiere fitness equipment manufacturer accommodates different types of workouts, for better movement and efficient exercise routines.

Muscle building with Yoga + Free Weights

Lifting weights at the gym

Technogym’s free weights promotes safe and effective muscle building

Resistance training often makes muscles tighten up. Yoga loosens and lengthens those muscles and can even eliminate some of the discomfort experienced after lifting weights. One of the best weights systems is Technogym’s line of Free Weights. These heavy-duty, well-designed urethane weights feature the Roto 36 design, which allows users to rotate the handle for better weight distribution. At the same time, it has a “no inertia design,” lessening tension on the wrists.

 Modern Yoga + Innovative Equipment

Technogym’s modern and colorful ARKE equipment for innovative workouts

Practice more challenging yoga poses with Technogym’s Arke system

Yoga practitioners, whether beginners or advanced, can use tools like exercise balls and foam rollers to adapt poses based on their body’s flexibility and needs. Technogym’s ARKE line is a complete set of products that can support any kind of yoga practice. Technogym’s Wellness Ball is also a perfect match for yoga as it develops inner core strength and balance. This versatile wellness tool is also perfect for post workout cool downs, as it is designed to burn calories even when sitting down.

With a good combination of yoga and physical exercises, you will be able to feel and see positive changes right away. To know more about Technogym products, contact us today.

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