Most people overlook their floors when they’re designing a space. Everyone has gotten so used to concrete, wood and marble that most believe those are the best choice. Unknown to them, floors contribute significantly to a building’s aesthetic and design appeal. A trendy and captivating option can add color, character and dimension to a room, creating a space that would appeal to more people. Courtesy of E-Sports, here are some floor design ideas that’s guarantee to elevate your area to new stylish heights. 

1.)  Go for vibrant color options for a bold statement

Floor 3

De Bibliotheek A to Z, The Netherlands with Neoflex 600 Series Commercial Rubber Flooring

Most go for neutral shades since that automatically goes well with walls and most fixtures. This is perfectly fine but if you want to make an impact, if you want to be remembered, daring colors are the way to go. A unique and unexpected color option makes a bold statement. More importantly, it will create a visual display that will set your building apart from everyone else.

2.)  Choose textured rubber floors for a more dynamic space

Magic Planet, Belgium with Neoflex 700 Series Commercial Resilient Rubber Flooring

Certain rubber floors, such as the NeoflexTM 600 Series Flooring, can add texture to a space, making it more visually dynamic. With this installed, building managers won’t have to worry about their areas appearing dull or lifeless. Best of all, the many options and the variety of colors present in each surface can complement different types of walls and fixtures.

3.)  Install dark floors to accentuate other design elements

Award-winning Durasafe retail store with Neoflex 800 Series Commercial Rubber Flooring

Most building owners won’t choose a dark floor since it might cast a gloom over your area. However, used properly, it can actually be an advantage. If you want certain design elements to pop, like a vibrant part of the wall or a rack filled with brightly colored merchandise, dark surfaces can do the trick.

4.) Mix and match to capture your brand’s identity

Floor 2

Neoflex 600 Series Rubber Commercial Flooring

Another great idea is to design a specific surface that would match the look and feel of your brand or company. One of the ways to achieve this is through Rephouse’s Think Color system, a fully interactive design program that provides individuals the opportunity to design and customize surfaces. Through this, building managers can conceptualize a flooring solution that captures the visual identity of their brand and create something uniquely their own.

These are only a few ideas on how to use floor design to infuse character into a space. Visit the E-Sports website to find out more about modern flooring solutions.

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All photos from Rephouse.

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