These are some of the world’s most picturesque sports fields, loved by football tourists who enjoy groundhopping.

The international pastime of football is universal and can be found in breathtaking environments you may not expect. Here are some of the most picturesque football fields on Earth, bound to make the bucket lists of “groundhoppers” who combine their passion for football with their love of travel. Enjoy these photos, and imagine what it must be like kicking the ball with these incredible views.

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15 Football Pitches with the Best Views

1. Henningsvær Idrettslag Stadion, Lofoten, Norway

Henningsvær Idrettslag Stadion, also known as Henningsvær Stadion or Henningsvær Fotballbanen, is located on the island of Hellandsøya in the Lofoten archipelago. This absolutely gorgeous football field is managed by the grassroots Henningsvaer IL soccer club to host matches and train youngsters from the fishing village of Henningsvær and surrounding areas. The Henningsvær football stadium is commonly considered as the most beautiful in the world.

2. Campo Gerini, Rome, Italy

Campo Gerini in Rome, Italy is set against the ancient Aqua Claudia (the Claudian Aqueduct) which Caligula began in 38 AD and Claudius completed in 52 AD. ASD Polisportiva Quadraro Cinecittà manages the grounds, providing youths with physical education and sports clinics. Parents appreciate the view of the towering arches while watching their kids play. The surrounding recreational area along Via del Quadraro also includes Acqua Felice (Felice Aqueduct completed in 1586), Parco degli Acquedotti (Park of Aqueducts), and other sports facilities.

3. Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar

The multi-purpose sports complex of Victoria Stadium rests at the foot of the famous Rock of Gibraltar, the limestone monolith known to the Romans as Calpe Mons—one of the two pillars of Hercules at the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar. The versatile Victoria Stadium hosts football, cricket, and rugby matches as well as music festivals. It also features a standard 400m Olympic six-lane track.

4. Tasiilaq Stadion, Tasiilaq, Greenland

Tasiilaq Stadion was constructed in 1960 but neither received turf nor reached international size. It is the largest piece of flattened land in the volcanic area. The eastern town of Tasiilaq is a remote community with a population of around 2,000 inhabitants. The host team ATA 1960 uses the grassroots pitch to train interested townspeople. Audiences bring chairs to the soccer field but also use its rocky landscape as seating, and temperatures can plummet way below freezing.

5. The Float at Marina Bay, Singapore 

The Float at Marina Bay is a famous floating stadium in Singapore, built entirely out of steel and covered in artificial turf by Limonta Sport. Other than hosting football matches and athletic games, this versatile platform is also used as a stage for the National Day Parade, concerts, military graduation ceremonies, and more. The Float’s large grandstand also serves as seating along the Marina Bay Street Circuit for the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix. The city has plans to redevelop The Float. Around 2022, it will be rebuilt and replaced by the new NS Square facility.

6. Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Rheinpark Stadion was completed in 1998 as the home base of the national football team of Liechtenstein and the FC Vaduz club. Situated on the banks of the Rhine near the border of Switzerland, it is surrounded by mountain peaks and ski resorts. Vaduz is a small town and the stadium is an attraction in itself which comes alive during matches. This modern, clean, and scenic stadium is known as one of the most picturesque and charming sports venues in Europe.

7. Travel, Tour, and Train in Andorra

The landlocked microstate of Andorra is in the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain. Andorra la Vella is the highest capital city in Europe at 1,023m above sea level. As an attractive training destination for traveling athletes, the region has numerous soccer pitches and multi-purpose sports facilities, many of which boast mountain views. These including Estadi Nacional, Estadi Comunal d’Andorra la Vella, Camp d’Esports d’Aixovall, Camp d’Esports Prada de Moles, Camp d’Esports d’Ordino, Complex Esportiu Prat del Roure, etc.

8. Hásteinsvöllur, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

The multi-purpose stadium of Hásteinsvöllur mainly hosts football matches and serves as the home soccer court of the successful Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja club. It is frequently lauded as one of the most attractive football pitches in the world—nestled between dramatic rock formations, active volcanos, and the ocean. The Hásteinsvöllur arena is located on Heimaey, the biggest and most populated island of the Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) archipelago.

9. Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium, Gspon, Switzerland

As the highest stadium in all of Europe, Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium in the Swiss Alps stands at 2,000m above sea level and is the home of FC Gspon. Audiences and athletes are treated to outstanding views of towering snowy peaks. The net along the artificial pitch’s side does not prevent every ball from disappearing down the side of the mountain. It’s estimated that FC Gspon has lost 1,000 balls to that fate in the last 40 years. The athletes themselves are tasked with searching for fallen balls down below as well as shoveling snow off the court during winter.

10. HPCA Stadium, Dharamshala, India

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) Stadium is truly one of the most magnificent sports arenas in the world. It is found in the city of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, India—home of the Dalai Lama and the exiled Central Tibetan Administration. At 1,457m above sea level, the HPCA Stadium is framed by monumental, snow-capped Himalayan peaks and colorful architecture. While it is known as one of the prettiest cricket venues in the world, it is also suitable for hosting football matches.

11. Groundhopping in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands (Faroese Føroyar) is a territory of Denmark, like Greenland, with resilient inhabitants who love football. Travelers and groundhopping soccer fans make their way to this Atlantic archipelago for its rugged environmental beauty. The football fields found around the Faroe Islands are some of the most unique in the world. These include Svangaskarð Stadium (Tofta Leikvøllur) and Eiði Stadium which are sources of pride for the Faroese footballers. The new Eiði pitch is located in town and the older coastal one has been turned into a campsite.

12. Estádio Municipal de Braga, Braga, Portugal

Estádio Municipal de Braga was designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura and is the seventh largest football stadium in the world. It has won the Pritzker Architecture Prize and the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award. This impressive stadium is the home of Sporting Clube de Braga and has been aptly nicknamed “A Pedreira” (The Quarry) since it was carved out of the former granite quarry of Monte Castro.

13. The Stadiums of Croatia

The coastal nation of Croatia is a popular tourist destination on its own, so it’s no surprise that some of its stadiums are found in unforgettable locations. Stadion Gospin dolac in Imotski used to be a natural limestone sinkhole. Igralište Batarija in the historic city of Trogir actually features the Kamerlengo Castle and the Tower of San Marco behind either of the goals. Meanwhile, Stadion Kantrida in Rijeka was built into the remnants of a stone quarry right by the Adriatic Sea and a brand new stadium is planned to replace it.

14. Queenstown Events Centre, Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a popular travel hub in the South Island (Te Waipounamu) of New Zealand. As a gateway to adventure, its lakes and mountains are big draws, but its multi-purpose stadium is also world-renowned in its own right. The massive complex of Queenstown Events Centre spans 40 hectares with an indoor sports facility and ten outdoor fields, all of which can be split into two. It lies between Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables mountain range. The size, quality, and scenery of the Queenstown Events Centre (also known as John Davies Oval or Davies Park) make it one of the most spectacular sports venues in the world—especially for rugby, cricket, and football.

15. Kurendhoo Football Ground, Maldives

The brand new football field of Kurendhoo in the Maldives is a soccer player’s tropical paradise. The small island has 2,100 or so inhabitants and nine active football clubs. This project was spearheaded by the locals who paid for it with communal savings, fundraising, and help from the government. The turf was imported and laid by the people of Kurendhoo. Their admirable, pooled efforts to create the Kurendhoo Football Ground has been an inspiring triumph of will—for the love of football.

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