These days, anyone knows that fitness is not just an activity but a way of life. Fortunately, there are now many apps and gear designed to make your workouts more efficient and enjoyable. Below are just some of the must-have items that might be missing from your gym bag:

High Quality Speed Rope

The jump rope is one of the best gym gear anyone can have.

The simple jump rope is a great asset if you want to burn major calories.

If you think jump ropes are just for school kids, think again! The humble jump rope can help you effectively burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health, coordination, and movement. More advanced fitness enthusiasts can go for speed jump ropes, which utilize high-precision cartridge ball bearings that allow you to can skip at faster speeds and higher intensities.

Mywellness App

The Mywellness app monitors lets you plan and change your workout program depending on your need.

Monitor your workout routine closely with Technogym’s Mywellness app.

When you live an active lifestyle, nothing beats having an app that keeps track of your fitness routine. One excellent option is the Mywellness app by Technogym. Inspired by the “Wellness On The Go” concept, the app tracks your movement 24/7, whether you’re at the gym, mall, or office. More importantly, it also monitors your running, walking, and cycling rates, along with your routes and workout programs. If you’re at the gym, you can even integrate your workout routine to a Technogym machine by simply scanning a QR code with your smart phone.

Wellness Rack

The Wellness Rack includes loadable handlebars that can be stacked with 2-kg and 0.5-kg discs.

The Wellness Rack is perfect for gym enthusiasts who want to do strength training in their home.

The Wellness Rack is perfect for the fitness enthusiast who’s always on the go. The set includes loadable handlebars which you can stack with 2-kg and 0.5-kg discs, allowing you to perform lifting exercises wherever you might be. These portable dumbbells also come in a space-saving container for easy storage and organization.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands promote a full range of motion for exercise enthusiasts.

Resistance bands are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility.

Initially used for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation, resistance bands have now found their way into the workout routines of many fitness fanatics. A popular gear used for pre-workout conditioning, resistance bands promote a full range of motion, especially for the hip and the shoulders. They also allow anyone to workout virtually anywhere. Other names for resistance bands are mini bands and lateral bands.

Athletic Tape

Athletic tapes enable firmer grips for gym nuts.

One necessary workout gear, athletic tapes heals and prevents minor injuries.

A necessity for any workout, athletic tapes are used to treat muscle injuries or cuts and scrapes, as well as provide a firmer grip and additional protection to the wrists, hands, and ankles. Often made with soft, non-stretch cotton, these tapes have superior adhesives that prevent them from coming off during workouts.

Invest in these must-have workout gears to make your workout routine more fun, safe, and effective! For more information about Technogym’s innovative products and fitness equipment, contact E-Sports International today.

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