Home gyms have become typical fixtures for homeowners who want to stay fit, keep active and live the healthy life. Unfortunately, most exercise spaces lack the equipment that can help ensure a complete and optimal workout experience. In this article, we’ll tell you what equipment you should own and what each item can do to help you reach peak physical performance.

1.) Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are necessary in home gyms. They’ve been popular for quite some time, due to their ability to mimic the movements used in walking, running, sprinting and climbing with minimal impact. Besides burning hundreds of calories in a short amount of time, this type of equipment increases endurance and aerobic capacity while strengthening both the upper and lower extremities of the body.

Technogym’s Synchro Forma machine comes with an app that can help you with your workout routines.

Elliptical trainers provide numerous benefits to the body with minimal impact.

An extraordinary elliptical trainer, theSynchro Forma fromTechnogym is an innovative equipment that provides users with everything they need. This revolutionary machine reduces unwanted fat, improves joint elasticity and promotes flexibility. The Synchro Forma is also integrated with a mobile app that can turn a regular tablet into a visual display. Through this feature, users can view and track their progress easily.

2.)Exercise Balls

Exercise balls have been popular for quite some time. These items, which often come in a bright color, offer a fun and unique way to work out while doing other tasks. In addition, they’re significantly easier to carry around and transport, unlike other exercise equipment out there.

Technogym Wellness Balls reduce the risk of back problems while improving abdominal and lumbar muscles.

Exercise balls offer a variety of workout options that doesn’t strain muscles.

The Wellness BallTM – Active Sitting from Technogym offers an inventive and unique take on exercise balls. This dynamic chair helps promote a better posture while reducing the risk of back problems. At the same time, sitting on the Wellness Ball provides individuals the opportunity to perform a sequence of micro movements that improve your abdominal and lumbar muscles. Of course, users can also practice stretching, muscle strengthening and body toning exercises. For an ideal workout experience, homeowners can also explore the Technogym Trainer App to find the workout routine unique suited to their body.

3.)Exercise Cycles

Exercise cycles are a favorite among gym buffs and cycling enthusiasts. It’s convenient, easy to use and it mimics the workout you get from biking without having to deal with traffic, rough roads and bad weather. At the same time, users love the fact that they can read and even watch TV while losing weight, improving coordination and joint mobility and strengthening their cardiovascular system.

Cycling has never been more fun and revolutionary with Technogym’s Bike Forma.

Cycling machines provide a convenient way for bikers to experience their favorite workout routines.

TheBike Forma fromTechnogym revolutionizes the typical cycling workout with its various features. The machine comes equipped with professional biomechanics, offering users the same sensation as cycling on the road. With this machine, they can the experience the feeling of riding on uneven roads, making their workouts more exciting and challenging, paving the way for a better cardio workout. This unique machine also comes with a CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) device and a telemetric band that gauges your capabilities and designs a training program uniquely suited to your body. Finally, this addition is perfect for anyone interested in biking and athletes who want to train for cycling tournaments.

3.)   Treadmill

Any home should have a treadmill. Quite possibly one of the easiest fitness equipment to use, the treadmill allows users to take a brisk walk or a challenging run by simply punching a button. Its benefits are countless; from weight loss and an improved respiratory and circulatory system, to better posture and back pain rehabilitation.

Technogym’s Run Personal machine revolutionizes treadmills by providing a host of new features.

Treadmills are an essential workout equipment in any home.

One of the better products available in the market isTechnogym’s Run Personal machine. On top of the typical features of a regular treadmill, this revolutionary product provides users a large HD-ready touch screen so users can track their progress, measure the amount of calories burned and browse the internet while they are working out. There’s also a slot for a USB flash drive so fitness buffs can listen to any multimedia content during training. Finally, it includes a selection of games that will make any routine more fun.

4.)   Weights

Weights are basic fixtures in any home gym. Having a set of these on hand is always an excellent idea. They’re the ideal equipment for strength training and the go-to equipment if you want stronger arms or legs. At the same time, they’re necessary for toning your muscles and improving bone density. Constant use will produce a leaner and much more resilient muscular system and a stronger body.

The Technogym PURESTRENGTH machine guarantees an innovative workout experience.

Weight training can improve your muscles, bone density and your overall strength.

Technogym offers a stylish and functional take on strength training with theirWellness Rack. This state-of-the-art item offers several various weight training options, allowing users to adjust their workout routines without any hassles. At the same time, its loadable disks are easy to handle and does not cause damage or scratches to your floors. Lastly, with its sleek transparent container, it seamlessly blends into any room or any corner without occupying a large space.

The key to getting the perfect workout is to use the right equipment. Make sure you purchase the correct machines to make the most of your home gyms and so that you can achieve your wellness goals.


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