In a time when kids are increasingly glued to tablets and computer screens, playgrounds are able to provide a fun and engaging form of physical activity and exercise. At the same time, playgrounds open up an opportunity to have children interact with peers, helping hone their communication and social skills. Even a playground’s colors can help stimulate creativity and imagination. Playgrounds encourage exploration and experimentation for children of all ages. 

Playground 1

Angsana Laguna Hotel, Phuket, Thailand

Despite all the benefits that playgrounds have on a child’s growth, there are expected concerns. Playtime inevitably comes with falls, bumps and scratches. This is why it’s important for playgrounds to have safe amenities while providing a colorful and engaging environment. Fortunately, there are options right now that make this possible. Courtesy of the E-Sports newsroom, here are some of them:

Playground 2

Chinese International School, Hong Kong

1.)    Choose engaging and secure equipment

The key to both safety and fun is to purchase and install equipment that’s uniquely appealing, exciting and secure. Kids must be able to play without the fear of suddenly running into accidents. Choosing the right jungle gym, swing and slide can be a daunting task with so many options available in the market. Luckily, there are tried and tested manufacturers that can be trusted, like Park Games Equipment.

Park Games Equipment delivers engaging and reliable playground kits.

One of the top manufacturers of playground equipment in Asia, Park Games Equipment provides various sets that include long and winding tube slides, elaborate mazes and even safe and kid-friendly rock climbing walls. Each set is carefully designed to address the sensory, cognitive and psychological needs of children while motivating physical development.  Furthermore, they were constructed using durable materials that resist wear and tear and stand strong against the test of time, guaranteeing stability throughout years of continued use.

2.)    Install a safer alternative to traditional floors

Kai Tak Primary School, Hong Kong with Playflex Graphics

Occasional falls are unavoidable and surfaces like concrete and asphalt can aggravate injury. A great alternative to these traditional surfaces areRephouse’s Playflex Rubber Safety Tiles. This option is designed to cushion falls and reduce risk of injuries. Made from homogenous recycled and synthetic rubber, each Playflex Tile is tested for Critical Fall Height for both American and European safety standards. They are extremely durable and hygienic, making them ideal for playgrounds.

3.)    Use  fun and colorful options

Safety is the most important point of consideration, but it’s not the only one. Floor designs should be fun, animated and interesting. For those who want to have an even more customized feel to the play area, chooseRephouse Playflex Graphics. These modular tiles feature custom-made designs based on digital drawings. Animated graphics are vital in stimulating curiosity and imagination, especially when kids face so many distractions.

American School, Kuwait with vibrant colors and customized graphics

Playflex has all the important things to consider when choosing flooring options for a playground. It’s arguably one of the safest options available. On top of that, it is hygienic and is highly customizable, ideal for those who wish to incorporate more fun and detailed designs.  Lastly, they are easy to install, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. You certainly don’t skimp out on style and function with Playflex.

With the right equipment and the proper amenities, kids will be able to have fun and learn in a safe and secure playground. Contact E-Sports to learn more information about playground equipment and commercial flooring options.

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Photo courtesy of Park Games Equipment.

Photos courtesy ofRephouse.


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