Football is a sport that requires strength, speed, endurance, and agility. While on-field training can certainly develop these attributes, many players don’t know that working out in the gym can further enhance their performance. E-Sports International looks at some workouts that can help take your football skills to the next level.

With the correct gym workouts, football players can improve their skill sets.

The right gym training can give football players an advantage in the field.

Cardio Workouts

Technogym’s Run Personal treadmill.

Cardio training on Technogym’s Run Now Treadmills can greatly increase a football player’s stamina.

Football requires a lot of running and sprinting on the field, making cardiovascular workouts a key factor in increasing endurance during practice sessions and matches. Aside from improving stamina, gym equipment like treadmills and bikes can also strengthen and tone the legs–the bread and butter of any football player. Cardio workouts also help athletes maintain their body weight so they remain agile on the field.

Resistance Training

Another key factor in football is strength, and resistance training can improve an athlete’s kicking power, leg strength, and overall physique. Resistance training also facilitates stronger muscle development, reducing injury risk, especially the knee joint–the bane of many players. Since football puts a lot of strain in the upper body too, players should also strengthen the chest area, abdomen, and lower back through resistance training.

A female football player working out her thighs on Technogym’s Element+ equipment.

Strength training can not only provide you with stronger kicks, it can also toughen your muscles, lessening the chances of injury.

Athletes can train on plate-loaded gym equipment to perform classic strength exercises like the bench press, squats, and leg press. Innovative cable-based modular equipment from  Technogym’s Plurima line  allows you to work on your entire body, from your shoulders, to your core, and even your legs. You can also grab some free weights like dumbbells and do a few sets of bicep curls or tricep extensions.

Muscle Building

It also pays to build the muscles in your biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, thigh, and legs. This is because the upper body muscles balance out the lower body as the player runs around the field.ore muscles provide primary support and stamina,while  the thighs and the legs power sprinting, running, and power kicking.

 A football player using Technogym’s Selection line to strengthen his leg muscle.

Muscle building can give football players the speed and power they need to win a match.


To target all these muscles, it’s important to invest in a versatile range of exercise equipment. For instance, Technogym’s Selection line has over 20 different equipment so athletes can target their legs, abductors, glutes, lower back, and abdominal muscles, among others.

As you can see, being a good football player involves more than just getting on-field practice. By complementing your practice sessions with gym workouts, you have a better shot at winning your next match.

If you or your team wants to know more about Technogym products and other fitness equipment, contact E-Sports today.

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