Running is one of the easiest ways to reach the 30 minutes of physical activity per day needed for optimal health. When the rainy season comes, though, it’s very tempting to just cancel your run for another, sunnier day.

Fitness nuts can still do their runs by following several key steps.

Don’t let the rain ruin your cardio routine.

If this sounds like you, E-Sports International has some great tips to help you keep running rain or shine:

Dress Smartly

A woman in CoolMax running during a rainy and misty morning.

Dressing in polypropylene clothing lets you stay dry during your wet run.

Dress relatively light for the run; if you overdress, you’ll only be weighed down by the wet fabrics you’re wearing. Do make sure that your clothing is made of CoolMax or polypropylene, which wicks away water and sweat from the body. Also, choose water-resistant instead of waterproof jackets so body heat and moisture can freely dissipate.

Wear the Right Shoes


A man wearing the right rubber shoes and socks.

Wearing the proper shoes can make you run those long stretches of road during rainy days.

The grooves of your shoes must be deeper than one millimeter so it can grip the pavement properly and prevent slipping or injuries. Wear thinner socks as well since they absorb less water and thus make for a more comfortable run in the rain. If your budget allows it, consider getting waterproof running shoes, too.

Pace Yourself


Runners must be mindful of the road when they are running in the rain.

Remember to adjust your running regimen depending on the conditions of your environment.

When running in the rain, focus more on endurance rather than speed; it’s better to clock in slower than usual than to injure yourself and miss weeks (if not months) of training. Shorten your strides and focus on the road ahead to avoid mishaps.

Call a Friend


: Running with a buddy can be a big help especially when you run into any mishaps.

Invite a friend with you when you go out for a run during the rainy season.

As much as possible, don’t run alone. In this weather, there’s always risk for accident and injury so it’s best to have a friend with you in case something goes wrong. Plus, a buddy can provide extra motivation and keep you accountable when you feel like skipping out on your run.

Keep Gadgets Dry


Gadgets are prone to damage especially during the rainy season.

Keep your gadgets dry and safe by putting them in Ziploc bags.

Most runners use their smartphone as pedometers and MP3 players, but rain and gadgets don’t mix. Fortunately, there’s a DIY solution for this dilemma: Ziploc bags! Just stash your phone in one and it’ll stay dry and safe from the rain. Don’t forget to check the seal before going on your run!

Stay Hydrated


Hydration is still important even when it’s cool outside.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated even when it’s raining outside.

Dehydration might seem like the least of your worries during rainy-weather runs, but you’re working out just as hard and sweating just as much. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and take frequent sips to keep hydrated.

Run Indoors


Technogym treadmills are designed to replicate outdoor roads, making it the perfect equipment for runners.

Technogym treadmills are one of the best to run on even when there is a storm outside.

Rainy days are one thing, but stormy days are quite another. When whipping winds and pouring rain prevent you from stepping outside, a treadmill allows you to train at full capacity regardless of the weather outside. Should you decide to buy one, be sure to get a model that’s space-saving and made of high-quality materials like Technogym’s Run Personal Treadmill.

Running, like any form of exercise, requires dedication and consistency if you are to achieve your fitness goals. The next time it rains right before your run, we hope these simple tips will help you say “Bring it on!” instead of “There’s always next time.”

Stay tuned to E-Sports International for more workout tips!

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