We know that getting your body in shape before hitting the beach during summer requires tons of hard work, discipline and observing a strict eating regimen. As we welcome the monsoon, why not maintain that level of fitness you’ve worked so hard for even during the rainy season? Don’t let the rain stop you from your work out, there are many alternatives you can do despite the wet season. Here is a short guide to keeping fit despite the weather.

Look For Heat Indoors


You may not be able to run outdoors as much anymore, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop sweating despite the wet season. Visit the sauna after you hit the gym or sign up for a yoga class. These activities not only give you a chance to have a good sweat but the sauna also encourages increased blood flow, skin cleansing and detoxing, while yoga helps with flexibility and strength.

Keep Hydrated 


Water is our best friend, even when it’s not hot outside. Practice the 8×8 rule by drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, which is the recommended amount of healthy water intake. Keeping yourself hydrated balances your body fluids, controls your calories, keeps you energized and helps with your skin’s natural glow. All these are a plus from water’s obvious and primary benefit, which are healthy kidneys.

Eat Smart 


One easy way to keep your wellness path in check is to stick to healthy eating. It’s easy to fall into snacking on junk food during lazy, rainy days, so shopping smart and maintaining no access to junk food will help you control the urge to the unhealthy option. Yummy alternative snacks like fruits, nuts and tuna on rye or wheat bread should be the items on your grocery list.

Examine your habits


Maintaining your healthy lifestyle is not about the time of the year but more of a mindset. Check your routine and see if it promotes a holistic wellness habit. What are the things you do that help you stay fit? It’s easier to maintain a healthy habit if you keep a wellness journal where you can write about your daily challenges or accomplishments, record your work outs, or keep track of your food intake for calories counting.

Keep Active


Rain should not be an excuse to get you off your exercise routine. If you’re a runner, a treadmill can help keep your run training in check. It also helps that Technogym treadmills have features that can simulate running outdoors, be it from the view on the Unity screen or simulating the terrain on your running route through its smart programs.


If you are a trail or road biker, Technogym bikes also have similar programs that keep your work out indoors as fun as it would be outdoors.

Contact E-Sports to know more about Technogym’s extensive cardiovascular machines collection.

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