People rarely notice a room’s floor, yet these fixtures greatly affect a room’s comfort, noise-level and mood. For schools and gyms, it can even affect safety and functionality.

More than ever, flooring is becoming a major concern among wellness spaces. The right kind of flooring can save any establishment the labor and cost of maintenance and ensure that their patrons are safe and comfortable to move around. Aesthetics are also an incredibly important aspect of choosing a floor. Even color can affect your customers’ mood and experience. Here are a few examples of how flooring can greatly impact a wellness facility’s look and feel.

1. Sophisticated


Virgin Active, Thailand

This Thai gym’s beautiful stone-like floor contributes to the facility’s sophisticated look. The off-white color of the floor perfectly contrasts the black color the kinesis machine. The overall effect is a high-end, premium feel that defines the space’s clientèle.

2. Party Fun


With Gymbox’s inclination for the unconventional and quirky, they chose to have their floor accented with EPDM rubber chips. Reminiscent of confetti, these chips add to the gym’s party vibe. Finally, they look great under strobe lights.

3. Functional


Graphics can be a great way to enhance the functionality of any floor. These gyms use theirs as built-in guides for exercises and workouts. Markings can also be a great way to demarcate certain areas of your space and maximize your floor. They can also use it to direct foot traffic to guide patrons through your space.

4. Retro

Digi Telecommunications, Malaysia

Graphics can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of any wellness space. This Malaysian gym makes clever use of the graphics of the floor and their mirror design to create a unique, minimalist retro look.

5. Natural/Organic

This wellness facility that combines both spa and gym experiences wanted its clientele to still feel in touch with nature in their facility. The cork-like, earthy design of the floor fits perfectly with the wood-paneled columns and natural light that highlight the natural serenity of the facility.

All of the facilities featured in this article were produced and installed by Rephouse, our flooring partner. To learn more about Rephouse’s line of flooring solutions, visit our commercial flooring product page.


Photo Credits
All photos from Rephouse.

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