An active lifestyle is the perfect antidote to those common bouts of sadness. Many studies have shown that regular exercise and frequent physical activity release endorphins,  that can lower stress levels, boost levels of confidence and fight symptoms of depression.  Here are five tried and tested gym workouts that will certainly drive the blues away. Continue reading

There is a growing global movement of people who are choosing expensive exercise regimes, juice cleanses and spa vacations over designer handbags and luxury cars.’s Hayley Phelan dissects this shift in consumer behavior, as people move away from conspicuous consumption towards wellness as luxury. While wellness can come with a hefty price tag, people are now happy to pay premium prices to look and feel good. Continue reading

In recent years, green design has gained widespread acceptance as the new standard for construction. Environmental sustainability is now a requisite for new building projects in many parts of the world. In the world of athletics and wellness, the desire for environmentally friendly spaces is informing new designs for gyms and sports facilities. Continue reading

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) announced that Rizal Memorial Stadium received the highest rating for artificial football turf from FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). The FIFA 2-Star designation is a requirement for top UEFA and FIFA final round competitions, including the World Cup. Rizal Stadium received the accreditation after rigorous testing by ISA Sports, an independent technical testing body. Continue reading

The growing field of health and wearable technology helps make fitness more accessible and easy. Wristbands, watches and other devices now let us watch what we eat, measure calories, track movements, monitor heart rates and even customize our workouts. With so many choices in the market, it’s quite difficult to choose the best or right one. Here are E-Sports’ best and most trusted wellness devices perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Continue reading

Running recently experienced a revival. Numerous competitions are popping up all over the country and the sight of a marathon on the streets of Metro Manila is slowly becoming common. However, running or even training for a marathon is not as easy as it seems. Runners have to find the ideal terrain that’s both safe and difficult. Traffic conditions must be ideal and the weather must be appropriate. Runners also have to consider the free time they have. Often, they sacrifice their runs for their professional lives.


Fortunately, one fitness device provides the requirements of serious runners. Technogym’s MyRunning Logbook amazingly mimics the challenges of an actual outdoor terrain and gives runners and marathon trainees what they need to keep on running anytime they want. Continue reading

Children spend a huge chunk of their time in their schools. In its classrooms, gyms, auditoriums and fields, they learn, interact and play with peers. Naturally, a learning center’s facilities must be built in a way that ensures kids’ safety and security. Here are a couple of ways administrators and teachers can make schools safer for everyone.


Kids spend majority of their time in schools and it is important that they are safe.

Continue reading

Most people make resolutions to lose weight and stay fit during the beginning of every year. A lot assume that this can only be done by signing up for expensive gym memberships or by taking classes.

These aren’t your only options. A simple change in your daily routine can bring you a step closer to wellness. Here are some small adjustments you can do to help shed those unwanted pounds. Continue reading



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