In a time when kids are increasingly glued to tablets and computer screens, playgrounds are able to provide a fun and engaging form of physical activity and exercise. At the same time, playgrounds open up an opportunity to have children interact with peers, helping hone their communication and social skills. Even a playground’s colors can help stimulate creativity and imagination. Playgrounds encourage exploration and experimentation for children of all ages.  Continue reading

Most people overlook their floors when they’re designing a space. Everyone has gotten so used to concrete, wood and marble that most believe those are the best choice. Unknown to them, floors contribute significantly to a building’s aesthetic and design appeal. A trendy and captivating option can add color, character and dimension to a room, creating a space that would appeal to more people. Courtesy of E-Sports, here are some floor design ideas that’s guarantee to elevate your area to new stylish heights.  Continue reading

Many fitness trends and fads have come and gone. Some prove to have longevity while others quickly disappear from the limelight almost as soon as they appear. However, one fitness trend that has not only survived the years is functional training.

Functional training focuses on training the body for daily activities.

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Despite the growing interest surrounding futsal, there’s still quite a way to go for it to be considered a premier sport In the Philippines. The local futsal community is relatively small. At the same time, there’s little information available to help people who want to learn more about it. Not to mention, there are only few facilities available for game play. Despite these factors, we know that given the right actions, more people will realize the value of this fun, easy to play and accessible sport. Here are several ways futsal can grow in the Philippines.

Futsal has a small but growing community in the country.

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The traditional office set-up, with its standard cubicles and bland wall colors, are becoming a thing of the past. A growing number of businesses are injecting more personality into their workspaces, preferring to take unconventional yet aesthetically pleasing design routes.  Continue reading

Sitting on 15,000 square meters of land at the heart of McKinley Hill, Taguig, Emperador Stadium provides Filipino football players with the opportunity to play in a reliable, world-class football pitch all year round. The stadium, casually known as “Empy,” features top-tier artificial turf from Italian brand Limonta. Developed by Megaworld Corporation, the stadium’s 2,000 person seating capacity makes it a great venue for matches at all levels, from professional games to school clinics. Continue reading

Artificial turfs can handle the weight of many people.

Not all landscapes are created equal, which is why more and more property developers are choosing artificial grass over their natural counterpart. High quality artificial grass has proven to be an excellent choice for parks, playgrounds, gardens, mini-golf courses and even for large backyards due to their unique and unrivaled benefits. Here are the most important advantages of this excellent product.

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Professionals playing a friendly futsal match after work.

With football achieving national recognition in the Philippines, it’s only a matter of time before futsal becomes the newest and biggest sports trend. In fact, it’s already beginning to gain traction in Metro Manila. Students have begun to play the game in courts and parks after school, while young professionals have been trekking to indoor courts during the weekend to compete in matches and even train for international competitions.  Continue reading



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