Seamless Indoor sports flooring have become the benchmark for basketball and volleyball matches and for a very good reason. These surfaces, like the one E-Sports offers to the Philippine market, are typically made from a rubber-based mat and several coatings of polyurethane (PU) that is poured on site, guaranteeing a truly seamless finish. This modern innovation delivers significant benefits to users and owners of the facility that other surfaces, like wood and polyvinyl (PVC) floors, can’t offer. Here are some of the advantages and rewards seamless surfaces provide. Continue reading

wearable tech is fast becoming the most popular trend in wellness

The fitness industry has reached new heights of innovation in the last few years. More than ever, health aficionados are free to pursue their exercise regimens and wellness practices with the right equipment, with all of the information they require, and with minimum inconvenience. One of the most impressive innovations that individuals can take full advantage of is wearable tech and the recently popular and convenient cloud technology.  Continue reading

American sports is mostly associated with basketball and baseball. Football has been repeatedly overlooked, despite the numerous leagues formed, the American team’s impressive 3rd the inaugural World Cup in Uruguay, and its constant presence in the school system and in middle-class suburbia. It is good to know that this indifference is slowly disappearing. Continue reading

There’s a lot of debate and discussion about the differences between artificial turf and natural grass. While well-designed and maintained natural grass pitches remain to be the gold standard, artificial pitches are growing in popularity as a result of their reliability, economy, and long-term performance. Read More

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup soon coming to a close, it is a guarantee that the diehard fans who stood in line and bought tickets will remember the thrill of the games, the tension between the competing teams, the fierce efforts of the players, and the cacophony of cheers and singing heard throughout the matches. Not a lot of people know that these memories are made possible by creating the perfect stadium atmosphere. Read More

The old Rizal pitch was around 102 meters long and around 66 meters wide. That is within the FIFA tolerances for international play, which stipulates a minimum of 100 meters in length and 64 meters in width. But the PFF insisted that the new field be 68 meters wide and 105 meters long, FIFA’s preferred size for elite matches. The field now ever so slightly cuts into the first lane of the track. Read More



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