Running is an integral part of many exercise programs, such as endurance training and high intensity interval training. To help you make sure that you are running both efficiently and sustainably, E-Sports International sat down with Coach Mark Reyes, running coach at 360° Fitness, who gave a number of helpful tips: Continue reading

It took a lot of work to get to this point, but we can finally say that Philippine futsal is undoubtedly on the rise. On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) held the nation’s first National Youth Futsal Cup at the University of Asia and the Pacific. The tournament featured 16 teams from all over the country composed of kids aged 14 and under, and—to put things simply—the youngsters made the most of the spotlight. Continue reading

The wellness industry is always evolving, and more than ever, having the right mix of gym equipment is essential to helping gym users reach their fitness goals. It’s a tough balancing act for gym owners and operators. After all, having too much specialized equipment might alienate first time gym goers; at the same time, an equipment mix that’s too simplistic might turn off more experienced gym users and athletes. Operators also need to worry about maximizing the space at their disposal, given its impact on gym profitability. Continue reading

From time to time, financial advisers will disagree about the best companies to invest in. But one thing that all analysts can agree upon is the idea that the most important investment any of us can make is in our own well-being. More and more professionals are realizing this, and this is precisely why companies are beginning to see the importance of improving employee satisfaction through developing and offering corporate wellness programs. Continue reading



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