Most people make resolutions to lose weight and stay fit during the beginning of every year. A lot assume that this can only be done by signing up for expensive gym memberships or by taking classes.

These aren’t your only options. A simple change in your daily routine can bring you a step closer to wellness. Here are some small adjustments you can do to help shed those unwanted pounds.

1.) Take a daily leisurely stroll

Start your day by walking to work.

Start your day by walking to work.

Make sure you get in at least 30 minutes to an hour of walking every day. This helps you easily burn hundreds of calories, especially if you’re lugging around your laptop and office documents. Spend a little more time walking by getting out of the bus or car a few blocks from your office. A brisk walk helps clear your mind and prepare you for the workday ahead.

2.) De-clutter your space

When was the last time you cleared out your closets? The new year is the perfect time to clear your home and get rid of things you don’t need. Spend a couple of hours on a weekend to sort through each room of the house. All the walking, carrying and standing will help shed off an easy 500 to 800 calories.

3.) Make sure to take a break during office hours

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major contributors to weight gain. It’s not easy to be active when you spend long hours in the office. Make sure to get up, walk around and stretch every hour. This small activity will definitely keep your blood pumping. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take an active break in the middle of the day.

4.) Work while you workout

Lose weight while you’re productive with Technogym’s Active Sitting Wellness Ball.

Lose weight while you’re productive with Technogym’s Active Sitting Wellness Ball.

Sitting at a desk doesn’t mean you are completely sedentary. Technogym’s Active Sitting Wellness Ball lets you perform a series of micro-movements that tone abdominal and lumbar muscles. You can also use the Wellness Ball to do a variety of stretching and toning exercises without using a large space.

5.) Eat better and feel better

Lay off the junk food and eat healthy snacks.

Lay off the junk food and eat healthy snacks.

Crash diets often do more harm than good. Don’t lose weight by skipping meals. Instead, control your eating habits and make a few adjustments. Go for smaller portions by using a small plate during meals. Stay away from junk food or from anything that has a lot of sugar. Go for tea or forego the cream and sugar when you drink coffee. These little changes to your eating habits can make a big difference.

6.) Take a dip

Take a morning dip and lose weight fast!

Take a morning dip and lose weight fast!

Swimming is a great, low-impact, full-body exercise that also helps lower stress levels. Take a dive and swim a few laps during weekend mornings. You’ll be sure to burn calories with the cool water and all the movement. Best of all, it also tones your muscles.

7.) Get your own workout equipment

Having your own set of workout gear means you can exercise at your own time and pace at home, and saves you money on gym fees and transportation. One of the best personal workout sets is Technogym’s Arke System, a set of core centric training tools specifically designed to provide all the exercise a body needs.

Technogym’s Arke System provides users with all of its fitness needs.

Technogym’s Arke System provides users with all of its fitness needs.

The Arke System includes wellness, medicine and water balls, a set of stability disks, a balance pad, kettle blocks, a balance dome, and many more. The Arke System helps in improving agility, balance, stability, proprioception, adaptability, control, dynamism and reaction timing. Versatile and easy to use, anyone can immediately pick up these items and get started on a path to better health and wellness.

Have a healthy and fit 2015!


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