There is an app available for just about anything these days. Whether you’re looking for the best app to track your movements or a program that can reflect your day’s calorie intake, there is an app that’s sure to fit your need. With the growing awareness of people for their general well-being, a number of wellness apps have been developed offering various, yet equally important features to get you going through a day’s crunch.

Having so many data stored in separate programs make everyday wellness flat for some, resulting to chances of missing out. This is the very reason why platforms like Fitbit, MapMyFitness and Technogym’s mywellness cloud, which cover full integration of information from third party fitness apps, are being recommended for use.

Here is our handpicked list of some of the great health and fitness apps that can help ease your road to wellness.

1. Fitbit


Fitbit is an all in one fitness app developed that can suit anyone. With this app, you can track your daily activities like number of steps,, floors climbed, active minutes and calories burned. Fitbit also helps you keep – your goals because it records your workout on a monthly exercise calendar, track your weight and even monitor your sleep trends. Fitbit is also seamlessly integrated with mywellness app’s mywellness cloud, the first and only open platform cloud system developed by Technogym that allows collection of information from third party fitness apps, whether or not you’re in the gym.

2. MapMyFitness

Another app that operates with a suite of fitness-oriented websites and mobile applications is MapMyFitness. An app included in the extensive array of third party products integrated with Fitbit and Technogym’s mywellness cloud, MapMyFitness uses a built-in GPS technology that lets its users worldwide to map, record and share their exercise routes and workouts. With the new wellness technology provided by Technogym, users of MapMyFitness can now merge their accounts with mywellness cloud, giving them the power to automatically monitor outdoor activities and daily physical movements.

 3. mywellness


Technogym’s mywellness app makes a user’s workout experience more personal, fun and effective as it helps improve one’s lifestyle by allowing on the go access to your personal fitness data. It offers customized and comprehensive training for cardio, strength plus other classes and exercise videos together with a dynamic set of weekly goals and monitoring of your outdoor activities.

Seamlessly integrated with the mywellness cloud, data from the app can be measured and aggregated by both users and trainers or gym operations, inside and outside the gym. Technogym’s mywellness cloud is the first and only platform that allows end users trainers as well as operators to view all of the information collected from the enrolled’s third party fitness apps and devices in one location.

It also boasts the most comprehensive list of third party fitness and device partners in the current marketplace which all ladders up to Technogym’s “Wellness on the Go” philosophy, which is at the heart of everything that Technogym strives to achieve.

4. MyFitnessPal


Technogym’s mywellness cloud and Fitbit are both fully integrated with MyFitnessPal. The app provides a very simple way to log every food you eat during the day, ensuring that you stay on track of your daily target of calorie intake. Its integration with mywellness cloud allows the synchronization of vital nutritional intake that you can access anytime, anywhere. The app is best for those who maintain a busy lifestyle but is still looking at the possibility of losing weight.

5. Runkeeper


The Runkeeper suite of applications uses built-in GPS technology to provide its users worldwide with the ability to map, record and share their exercise routes and workouts. The app also automatically syncs with your phone’s music application. This also integrates with Technogym’s mywellness cloud platform, enabling frictionless fitness tracking from within the gym, your home, and now across any of the many types of indoor and outdoor activities.

6. Garmin


Start making the most out of your exercises with Garmin Fit. The app has been widely helping people achieve health goals since 1989. Garmin members can now link their device to the mywellness cloud platform of Technogym to allow activity data, starting from steps to detailed GPS information be automatically shared to the platform’s account.

7. Withings


Withings is a smart app that fits into any lifestyle, it has been developing innovative ways to track matters for a day to day improvement of well-being and maintaining of long term health. With Technogym’s new partnership with Withings, its Internet-connected Smart Body Analyzer’s highly accurate weight and body fat measurements can now send automatic updates to a user’s mywellness cloud account.

Start challenging yourself today with these best of the best workout apps seamlessly integrated with Technogym’s wellness platform. Contact E-Sports International, Inc. to know more about mywellness cloud and Technogym’s wellness on the go philosophy through its innovative products.

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