With society’s growing concerns on the impact businesses have on the environment, many companies and organizations have started to leverage campaigns toward environmental sustainability. Considering all the available choices to engage your business into this endeavor, we have rounded up a list of some of the simplest initiatives that you can do to kick start being eco-friendly.

1. Implementation of waste sorting

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With proper waste sorting, your company can help reduce environmental pollution and waste volume by up to 50% and even make waste collection convenient for waste collection companies and their trucks.

2. Promote reusable food ware

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There are obvious conveniences on disposables like plastic cups and utensils, but it is also a fact that it can be harmful to our natural environment. Reusable dishes are economical, long term products that lower your company’s trash disposal footprint.

3. Use organic, citrus-based cleaning products for housekeeping

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Long hours of exposure to spraying and wiping hazardous chemicals in cleaning the office might put employees’ health to risk. Organic and citrus-based cleaning products are reported to help preserve your staff’s health, lower operating cost, are eco-friendly and are not that aggressive on your office plants, production equipment and interior finishes.

4. Install waterless urinals or low-flow fixtures

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Installing low-flow fixtures and waterless urinals save time and money since these fittings are certified environmentally-friendly and will ensure your company’s lower utility charges, improve restroom hygiene and better energy output reduction.

5. Invest on environment-friendly flooring options

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Another eco-friendly trend that your company must take a look at is the use of high quality and environmentally-friendly rubber flooring like Rephouse’s Neoflex series, homogenous rubber flooring that is LEED certified due to its use of recycled rubber materials.

All Neoflex products are made with raw materials that are not known to pose any hazard to the environment and to people during manufacturing and handling process. Neoflex is also versatile because of its direction free rubber chips and its large color range for design,  it is also durable and economical with the product guaranteed to last for the intended life of the building it is installed in.

6. Reduce your paper waste

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Another recommended move is to exercise office paper reduction like printing from both sides of the paper, utilization of electronic reports and data sharing, as well as elimination of unnecessary subscriptions including copies of newsletters, magazines and newspapers.

7. Promote walking commutes and carpooling if possible

Fewer cars on the road mean less traffic congestion and air pollution including carbon emissions that can contribute to climate change. Carpooling and walking also help your employees reduce stress, save money, make new friends and maybe even start off professional relationships.

Contact E-Sports to know more about their environmentally-friendly rubber flooring systems.

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