Running a gym requires hard work and dedication. There are many different things that will constantly need your attention, whether you manage your gym or you simply train and use the facilities as a member, it is a valuable tool to consider necessary health and safety factors in order to reduce occurrence of risk. Here are some tried and tested suggestions on how you can ensure the safety of your clients and gym members.

1. Equipment Maintenance

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Fitness equipment used daily in gyms like treadmills, elliptical and strength machines should have regular maintenance check for safety. All gym owners must put into place a concrete policy regarding equipment upkeep so as not to hamper its intended function and the safety of its user.

2. Keep the Gym Clean

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Having the equipment, floors, mirrors and everything else properly cleaned on a regular basis is extremely important. Gyms is a place where people tend to sweat a lot, practice of regular cleaning after each and every visit reflects the gym owner’s great concern for the health and well-being of your members.

3. Secure proper staff training

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Gym owners should see to it that their staff members are trained accordingly and are ready to face various situations. It is important that staff members are prepared for unwanted incidents such as equipment misuse and are on the lookout for those who push themselves too much while training to avoid any health risk or injury.

4. Fitness Assessment for Members

It is recommended that fitness gyms should obtain an assessment for all its current and new members. A health questionnaire together with a cardiovascular fitness risk screening should be taken and be interpreted by qualified personnel.

5. Emergency Response

Gyms are recommended to have a written policy regarding emergencies. Their system and its procedures must undergo rehearsals on a regular schedule so as to ensure their staff members are ready to handle emergency situations.

6. Exercise an Entry System

Gyms should have an entry system in place so that only the members and the staff can enter the facility. Having this kind of policy lowers the risk of untoward incidents to occur.

7. Go for amenities that ensure functionality and safety

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The gym trend today is leaning towards offering programs for functional training rather than just conventional or traditional cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises. Gyms who offer non-traditional training must ensure first and foremost the functionality and safety of their floors.  Neoflex REPtiles Resilient Rubber Tiles with Graphics flooring is a perfect example of a specialized rubber surface that aims to target both safety and functionality. The graphics are customizable to the kind of functional zone markings the gym needs based on space availability or training popularity.  The graphics are in-laid in its surface for maximum, effective durability.

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