We all know that being physically active has numerous benefits. Given people’s busy lifestyles, many find it difficult to secure time for exercise. The good news is that even if you don’t feel like you have the time for a structured fitness program, you can still get the health benefits of holistic wellness by taking advantage of some hidden opportunities to get your body moving. Here is a list of some suggestions on how to consciously exercise even when outside the gym.

1. Stand tall

Standing frequently throughout the day has been known to be beneficial. Simple standing can tighten and strengthen your core and improve skeletal movement. It also helps maintain one’s range of motion and prolongs strength of your lower extremities.

2. Walk a little


Getting off a few stops earlier from your normal commute or finding a parking spot farther from your destination give you an opportunity to walk. Walking is one of the simplest (and probably most taken for granted) forms of exercise. Walking, like most forms of exercise, will help you control weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. An everyday walk has also been known to help strengthen memory, toning your legs and boosting Vitamin D levels.

3. Choose active bonding activities


Go for swimming, ice skating, bowling or dancing when planning things with friends and family. Choosing a more physical activity will not only boost endorphin and serotonin, but it also makes for a fun, different and energetic affair.

4.  Turn house work into a daily workout

One of the best ways to multi-task is doing your own housework. You don’t only get a good sweat, but you actually also finish the daily chores you need to do around the house. Talk about functionality! Cleaning the bathroom alone can burn several calories. Whether you choose to do the grittier job of cleaning or doing less intense, yet calming chores like decorating or gardening, all of them are great ways to break a sweat and get that daily 30-minute work out that you need.

5. Practice Active Sitting


Sitting for long periods of time at work or at home may cause back problems as it puts pressure on the spinal column and on the nerves of the lower back.  Wellness Ball™- Active Sitting designed by Technogym promotes a truly active sitting lifestyle as it helps improve posture through a series of micro movements that increase spine stabilizing action of the abdominal and lumbar muscles. It also allows performance of countless exercises to strengthen muscles and increase balance.

Remember that you need not be an elite athlete or live in the gym to reap good benefits of being healthy. You can start by giving yourself the goal of discovering ways to build your fitness within the time you have by making small changes to your lifestyle.

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