Solaire Resort & Casino is a 5-star integrated resort destination located in Entertainment City, Manila, with stunning views of the iconic Manila Bay. Featuring premium accommodations and a vibrant casino environment comparable to that of Las Vegas, Solaire is committed to providing its guests with the best amenities and premium service, a complete luxury experience.

In line with its desire to provide an outstanding experience for its guests and patrons, Solaire worked with E-Sports International to design and build its Fitness Center. This wellness space is outfitted with the latest and most advanced gym equipment from Technogym, an award-winning Italian manufacturer renowned for crafting premium-quality and bio-mechanically precise exercise equipment.

The Technogym treadmills at Solaire Resort and Casino.

The Solaire Fitness Center features the best sports equipment.

Here are some the state-of-the-art machines that can be found in Solaire’s Fitness Center:

Cardio Workout with Excite+

An array of top-of-the-line gym equipment at Solaire Resort and Casino.

The equipment at Solaire provide users a comprehensive workout experience.

For cardio workouts, Solaire’s Fitness Center is equipped with the Cardio Excite+ line, which includes JOG Now treadmills, Bike and Recline cycling machines. The JOG Now treadmills are designed for efficient and effective runs. To complement these cardio machines, Technogym’s Bike replicates the experience of riding an actual road bike. It also boasts advanced features such as gel seat inserts, elbow support, smart pedals, fast track control, and a modern handlebar design that accommodates various biking positions. The Recline, another cycling machine, offers a more low-impact workout. Its wide walk through allows users to comfortably access the bike, while the adjustable backrest provides versatility and comfort.

Intelligent Fitness with UNITY™

A fitness buff using Technogym’s modern UNITY™ technology.

The UNITY™ allows users to be active online while working out.

Solaire’s Fitness Center further boosts its guests’ workout experience by outfitting its top-of-the-line gym with the latest in wellness technology. The cardio Excite+ line is equipped with UNITY™, a gesture-based device similar to a tablet. UNITY™ can be easily integrated with a user’s mywellness® cloud account, and lets them access websites and social profiles, watch TV programs, play games, or launch applications that allow users to complete challenges and compete with friends. Another feature of the UNITY™ is the virtual training experience where users can choose from different virtual paths for their run. Users can also link their Technogym account with UNITY™ so they can create customized workout plans and fitness goals.

Strength Building with Selection and Purestrength Equipment

Technogym’s innovative Strength Element+ workout equipment.

Technogym’s Selection Line has proven itself as the best equipment for strength based workouts.

Equipped with the latest technology and modern design, the Selection Line features different strength building essentials such as the biomotion concept and physiocam for efficient and effective resistance training workouts. The biomotion concept enables the body to move fluidly through selected ranges of motion, while the physiocam provides different levels of resistance depending on the user’s needs.

Technogym’s tried-and-tested equipment for strength training.

Technogym’s Purestrength line provides efficient and effective workouts.

Completing the Solaire Fitness Center’s strength-training roster is the Purestrength equipment line. Built for optimal performance, these machines allow users to work out with a wide range of free weights in a safe environment. Equipped with movement trajectory features to accommodate the body’s natural motions, the Purestrength line lets users train hard while eliminating unnecessary stress to the joints. The machines also have visual outlines to promote correct body positioning, as well as a newly designed grip with grained texture for better load distribution.

3D Movement with Kinesis One

Technogym’s Kinesis One system at the Solaire Fitness Center.

The Kinesis One offers a wide range of exercises, depending on a user’s needs.

The Kinesis One is a result of Technogym’s research and development in “Full Gravity Technology.” This groundbreaking piece of equipment is easy to use with or without a personal trainer. The Kinesis One enables users to engage in a dynamic and highly customized workout. With basic movement patterns, the Kinesis One can accommodate a wide range of exercises across cardio, strength and flexibility.

Designed to cater to all types of gym goers, the Solaire Fitness Center is equipped with a wide range of Technogym products, from cardio, to functional training, to plate loaded machines. Solaire delivers on its promise of providing guests a premium experience in every part of the resort and casino. With an impressive installation of the world’s best gym equipment, The Fitness Center is designed to impress even the most discerning guests.

Want to build a fitness center that sets you apart from the competition? Contact us to learn more about Technogym and our premium wellness installations.

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