When it comes to flooring, the name of the game has always been function. Is it durable? Does it create an optimal experience for the user? But some people take things a little further by posing the all-important question: Does it look impressive? For your viewing pleasure, we collected photos of seven unique floors from around the world. 

Connel Coffee Shop (Tokyo, Japan)


Located in Tokyo’s Minato ward and designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind, this elegant but cozy café was a collaboration between shop operators Nendo and Masumi Hotta of Nomura Co., Ltd. The well-treated wooden flooring stretches throughout the entire café and wraps around the counters to create a holistic, single-unit floor.

Bicycle Snake (Copenhagen, Denmark)


It’s the year of the snake-for the Danish at least. This 220 meter long elevated bridge serves as an intuitive solution so that cyclists can enjoy stress-free biking in the busy city. They no longer have to contend with automobiles or pedestrians!

Yangzhou Zhongshuge (Zhen Yuan, China)


Talk about being surrounded by books. Inspired by its riverside location, XL-Muse designed the mirrored flooring and walls to reflect the many tomes that line the specially made, curved bookshelves. Ambient lighting completes the tunnel effect that cannot give justice to this psychedelic experience.

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (Los Angeles, California, USA)


The reality TV star and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek is well known for his MTV reality series named Fantasy Factory, yet the same space that serves as his shooting set also serves as an active office space. An indoor skate park and communal space rolled into one, the concrete floor finish and wooden stair panel materials are nothing short of breathtaking.

Underhub Coworking Office (Kiev, Ukraine)


Ever had trouble finding your way around your workplace? Maybe inspiration can be found in what architect Emil Dervish designed for Underhub, a modern language school and co-working space. Inspired by the London underground railway, each workspace’s floor has a code name and is color mapped to a specific “station”. People who can’t be bothered to look for a room can just follow the line!

Walk of Faith, Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park (Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China)


Not for the faint of heart, this floor is for those who live life on the edge. Built into the Tianmen Mountain and made entirely of glass, this translucent walkway continues to attract both tourists and locals alike for its inspiring views below the ridge.

BUGA 05 Playground (Munich, Germany)


Playgrounds come in various designs, yet they often follow the trope of including play sets such as slides and see-saws. Professor Rainer Schmidt created an innovative two-toned landscape that combines grass and tartan without including toys to play with. This stokes the creativity of children, and encourages them to run, jump and move freely.

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