The sun is out and so are the kids. Why not make this a fun and productive summer by spending time outdoors with the  whole family. This does not only provide hours of enjoyment for everyone, but also fosters quality time between parents and children. Here are some of our recommended summer outdoor activities that you can do with your kids.

1. Have fun with sponge bombs


A great alternative to water balloon fights, sponge bombs are easy to make and fun to play with. This will surely be a hit with kids of different ages. All you need are rectangular sponges in different colors, a pair of scissors and a rubber band. Cut the sponges into strips, stack and line them up, tightly tie a rubber band in the middle until it forms into a ball. Make as much  sponge bombs as you need, dunk them in a pail of water, and start the fun!

2. Let your imaginations explode with moon sand


You don’t need to be at the beach to build a sandcastle. If the ocean is too far away, you can always make one in your backyard. No sand? No problem! Just mix 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil to create moon sand. To form your improvised sandbox, use a clean, shallow container or an old storage box. Get that moon sand ready, gather sand toys or plastic cups, and start building. Remember to do this outside because things can get messy!

 3. Go on an ice excavation adventure


Beat the summer heat and take your kids on an ice excavation adventure in your backyard. Simply fill containers  with water, drop a bunch of small toys in it, and freeze it. The bigger the container, the longer it’ll take for your “ice” to be frozen. Once solid, flip the containers over and run warm water on its back until the block of ice falls down. You may help the kids in breaking the large pieces, but let them do the rest of the cracking afterwards. Use a small hammer, mini screw drivers, salt, or metal spoons as equipment in this frozen adventure. You can also use frozen gelatin for an easier “excavation.”

4. Take a trip to the playground


Why worry about traveling to faraway places when kids can have fun in your community’s playground? This is a great place for both kids and adults to play outdoors and make new friends. Most modern playgrounds are now equipped with innovative playground features that ensure  fun happens in a safe environment. Keep an eye out for your playground’s safety features, starting with observing the kind of flooring used. Playground flooring is the key consideration for safety when at the playground due to the likely event that children fall or trip when playing.  E-Sports’ Playflex™ surface by Rephouse is a flooring system that doesn’t only  protect kids from hard falls, but also adds life and color to any play space.

 5. Active fun: Learn to Swim


Swimming is an essential life skill and as children get older, they become more exposed to water. Knowing how to swim enables them to take care of themselves during beach trips and pool parties. This is also known as a great way to build whole body strength and expand cardiovascular capacity.

These are just some outdoor ideas that are great for kids. To build outdoor play spaces that are safe and secure, it’s important to invest in the right equipment and material.  Contact E-Sports to learn more about playground systems, surfaces, and customizable graphic tiles.

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