Schools are continuously searching for innovative ways to promote sports and fitness among students. Tennis is a sport that not only provides a full body workout, but it also helps students become sharper and more alert, thereby improving academic performance. Here are several reasons why tennis is a great game for everyone and why schools should invest in tennis courts for their students:

Tennis helps students remain fit and healthy


With the demands of school, students might forget the importance of a regular exercise. This is why it’s necessary for schools to provide students with venues where they can play sports that help train and develop their bodies. With tennis, students are required to be in constant motion, allowing them to burn calories, increase bone strength, and improve the body’s flexibility.

Tennis helps students become smarter and sharper

Tennis is a sport that requires alertness, focus, and problem solving skills, as well as strategic and tactical thinking. For students who regularly play this sport, they are not just working out their muscles, but also their minds. With tennis, students will be able to enjoy a holistic development in both academic and extra-curricular aspects. Moreover, tennis is an exciting game that will surely bring hours of fun for both athletes and spectators.

Tennis fosters teamwork, communication and the value of competition

The social nature of tennis makes it a great venue to make friends and meet new people. At the same time, tennis fosters communication and coordination among players; allowing students to interact with each other on and off the court. Finally, it is also a healthy way to engage in some friendly competition among friends and classmates.

Tennis is a worthwhile investment for schools


There are advantages to having a tennis court within campus grounds. The court becomes a venue for official competitions and inter-school athletic meets. Schools can also lease the court for professional and recreational athletes’ training and competitions.

For schools looking for a smart and long-lasting investment, the NewGrass synthetic turf from Limonta delivers the promise of optimum quality and aesthetic design. An Italian manufacturer of world-class turf, Limonta’s artificial turf features the feel of an authentic, freshly-cut lawn while providing excellent surface properties, reducing the stress on the players’ muscles and joints while providing excellent ball rebound. In addition, the turf is also durable and low maintenance, reducing the school’s expenses in maintaining the facility.

In the Philippines, E-Sports International is the leading developer of first-class installations for several sports, including tennis and football. For more information on how to build a tennis court and enhance your sports and recreation facility, contact E-Sports today.

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