Many fitness trends and fads have come and gone. Some prove to have longevity while others quickly disappear from the limelight almost as soon as they appear. However, one fitness trend that has not only survived the years is functional training.

Functional training focuses on training the body for daily activities.

What is functional training?

Functional fitness is a form of exercise that involves training for daily activities. This type of workout allows people to do these routines with more ease, better precision and with less risk of injuries. In an article from the New York Times,functional training is described as a relatively new school of thought that signals a new direction for the fitness industry. It essentially is about “training for life, not events.”

What are the benefits of functional training?

A variety of exercises are done under functional training

Functional training was originally used by physical and occupational therapists for their patient’s rehabilitations.  At present, it is now used to optimize daily activities, such as walking, running and even carrying heavy objects. Functional training focuses on core strength (abdominal muscles and lower back), flexibility, balance and coordination, necessities in one’s daily routines.  It helps revive or enhance one’s flexibility and agility, attaining a fuller range of motion.

What separates functional training from other workouts?

Perhaps what separates this approach from other regimens is that it focuses on using multiple muscle groups in an integrated way. It doesn’t just concentrate on a single muscle or a particular region of the body. It places an emphasis on one’s movements, rather than merely making certain body parts look “better”.

Moreover, it has many varieties. It can even be customized to fit the needs and accommodate the limitations of the individual. Its ability to be easily adopted is ideal for just about anyone who wishes to have a fitter lifestyle.

What are the tools needed to practice functional training?

Technogym’s OMNIA is an all-around functional training system.

The equipment needed for functional training can be quite extensive. Free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells are typically used. Cable machines and suspension systems are often the main options as they allow people to work out and engage major muscle groups in a variety of ways. Other tools like wobble boards, resistance tubes and physioballs are also utilized. With so many options available, choosing the right pieces of equipment can be daunting.

An innovative fitness program changing the game for functional training isTechnogym’s OMNIATM. It includes all the components of successful functional training including state of the art products, innovative accessories and pre made programs for small groups.

OMNIA offers all sorts of options for anyone’s functional training needs

Available in two options, theOMNIA3 and theOMNIA8 are ideal for functional training. OMNIA3 is the wall and floor-mounted version of the equipment that’s ideal for up to 3 users. OMNIA8, on the other hand, is the freestanding version that can accommodate larger groups. Each comes with many features such as pull-up bars and multiple hooks. It also includes an extensive set of accessories including elastics, lift bands, pivot pendulums and barbells, with each providing versatility when performing a wide range of exercises.

What can the OMNIA provide that other fitness machines can’t?

OMNIA presents a holistic approach to functional training, making it perfect for gyms and fitness centers that aim to provide the ideal functional training experience. Best of all, it can be used by anyone. It is for not only the elites and the seasoned gym buffs. Beginners and even people who just want to lose weight can try it and achieve their desired fitness goals.

Check out theE-Sports website  for more information about OMNIA and other Technogym products and services.

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