When you hear the word “rubber flooring,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably answer a gym or a fitness center.

However, rubber flooring is far more versatile than it seems. In fact, you may have encountered it in places you would have never imagined!

Wall Treatment

Rubber tiles as wall decor

Floor tiles can be used as wall decor

Flooring material on a wall–why not? Just take a look at what Roost KL did with Rephouse’s Neoflex™ high-impact tiles. These tiles don’t just look cool, they help dampen sounds inside establishments and improve a space’s acoustics.

Wall Climbing Facilities

rubber flooring wall climbing

Rubber flooring is used in wall climbing facilities, too

While a few climbers may reach the top, many more shall falter. What will never fail, however, is the rubber flooring installed at the base of the climb.

“Wood” Floors

wood rubber floor

Some rubbing flooring variants are manufactured to resemble natural wood

We’re not playing with you–this really is rubber flooring! Unbeknownst to many, there are variants of rubber flooring which are designed to resemble natural wood. That way, facilities can enjoy the high-end look of wood without the high maintenance costs.

Firing Ranges

rubber tiles cross hairs

Special rubber tiles are produced especially for firing ranges

What does rubber flooring have to do with a firing range? As it happens, there are specialized ballistic rubber tiles made especially for these facilities, which offer exceptional bullet ricochet prevention and lead splash-backs, while also reducing gunfire noise.

Mixed Martial Arts Facilities

rubber floor mixed martial arts arena

The ArenaSaudi uses rubber flooring for its facilities

For the world’s toughest martial arts arena, only the toughest flooring will suffice. That’s why ArenaSaudi, one of the world’s largest MMA and crossfit facilities, uses Rephouse’s high performance Neoflex BFC flooring on the actual ring as well as the surrounding floors.

Tennis Courts

rubber floor tennis court

Rubber tennis courts offer excellent cushioning

When it comes to tennis courts, three surfaces dominate the field: hard court, clay, and grass. That being said, rubber flooring serves as an exceptional alternative to this trifecta, providing top-notch force reduction that helps reduce player injuries.


rubber tile carpets

Floor tiles can also be made to resemble carpeting

In case you haven’t heard, many companies are ditching old-school carpets in favor of rubber floors. Aside from requiring much less maintenance, rubber floors can also be fabricated to resemble the design of actual carpets, giving businesses the best of both worlds.

Running Track

rubber tile running track

Rubber tracks are impressively weather resistant

Like doing sprints for fitness? Then there’s a chance that you’ve run on a rubber track. Made to withstand extreme weather conditions, rubber tracks maintain its aesthetics and function even when faced with rain, sun, or storm.

Curious about the other uses of rubber flooring? Visit our website or call 809-7134 / 807-9813!

Photo 1 from Roost KL

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All other photos from Rephouse

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  1. I find wooden floors so beautiful! So sophisticated and stylish. My favourite so far 🙂


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