Running recently experienced a revival. Numerous competitions are popping up all over the country and the sight of a marathon on the streets of Metro Manila is slowly becoming common. However, running or even training for a marathon is not as easy as it seems. Runners have to find the ideal terrain that’s both safe and difficult. Traffic conditions must be ideal and the weather must be appropriate. Runners also have to consider the free time they have. Often, they sacrifice their runs for their professional lives.


Fortunately, one fitness device provides the requirements of serious runners. Technogym’s MyRunning Logbook amazingly mimics the challenges of an actual outdoor terrain and gives runners and marathon trainees what they need to keep on running anytime they want.

What is Technogym’s MyRunning Logbook?


The MyRunning Logbook is Technogym’s way of revolutionizing the world of running. With this system, runners and marathon trainers will be able to replicate their preferred outdoor road or terrain within the safe and comfortable confines of a gym.

Through mobile using apps or devices integrated with the MyWellness cloud open platform, such as Runkeper, MapMyFitness, Strava and Garmin, users can easily download the features, characteristics and complexities of their favorite running spot on Technogym treadmills equipped with the innovative UnityTM console. Users will be able to use the intervals, pace and speed they usually experience on their best runs.

What are the benefits of the MyRunning Logbook?


The MyRunning Logbook is the ideal program to use if you want to get serious with running. The system allows anyone to track their progress and adjust their exercise so they can reach their goals. Best of all, they can easily upload their favorite outdoor runs and work out in their preferred gyms. Through the help of the UNITY system, they can even do their run while catching up on the news or playing a game.

This is especially helpful for people who are training for marathons. Preparing your body for the rigors of a challenging race takes a lot of time. A short pause can change your endurance and stamina. The MyRunning Logbook ensures that your training continues, regardless of a busy schedule. If you only have a few hours to spare, Technogym’s ground-breaking system still provides you the training you require.

Gyms owners will also experience the many benefits of the MyRunning Logbook system. Getting several Technogym Treadmills with the Unity System and the MyRunning Logbook system provides versatility. At the same time, fitness center managers will be able to provide amateur and experienced runners an area where they can train. Finally, they can even provide a variety of terrain options so enthusiasts can hone their skills more.

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