Children spend a huge chunk of their time in their schools. In its classrooms, gyms, auditoriums and fields, they learn, interact and play with peers. Naturally, a learning center’s facilities must be built in a way that ensures kids’ safety and security. Here are a couple of ways administrators and teachers can make schools safer for everyone.


Kids spend majority of their time in schools and it is important that they are safe.

Add and improve disaster preparedness measures


A fire extinguisher in every classroom is a must in case of fire emergencies.

Accidents can come in many forms. Fires, flooding and earthquakes can happen at any time. It’s important schools are prepared for many kinds of crisis situations. Schools should ensure that there are fire extinguishers, working fire alarms and sprinklers all across the campus. Inflatable rafts and lifesavers can also be handy when anticipating heavy rain and flooding. A good stock of food, medical supplies and tents can be handy especially when people are stuck inside the grounds. Lastly, assigning certain teachers and student officers to be leaders can help as they can keep a close eye on everyone.

Make Information readily available

The simple dissemination of information can do wonders for safety. Most schools spend hours inside a classroom lecturing students what to do in case of emergency. While this may help, not all of the students may be able to retain the tons of instruction that they should memorize.

A good alternative would be to use posters and infographics that quickly give instructions through illustrations. Placement of posters in high visibility areas serve as a constant reminder and an important reference during a crisis. Make them big and colorful so people can easily see them from far away. Keep them simple and direct so people won’t get confused with too much information.

Add safe and preventive amenities

Every student in school goes through some sort of sports or Physical Education program. These high intensity activities are also where kids are most likely to meet accidents. A school is responsible for creating athletic facilities that minimize the chances of injury and accidents.


With Decoflex’s Outdoor Sports Floor, kids won’t have to worry about hurting themselves.

The quality of a sports floor can spell a world of difference for safety. Decoflex’s Multipurpose Outdoor Sports Flooring, built with premium EPDM rubber, has slide control and slip resistance. Its impact absorption properties also make it the sports floor of choice for kids of all ages.

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