Design influences everything. From a product’s conceptualization, manufacture, and marketing, design is included all throughout the process. And as with any other product, it is also key in developing the best gym equipment.

Technogym treadmills are both sleek and effective

Functional design, or the process of responding to the end users’ need and preferences, heavily influences today’s gym equipment. With this principle as a guide, more and more exercise equipment are developed to target one goal at a time in the most efficient way possible. As an added bonus, these new looks complement most contemporary facilities, creating a seamless modern setting in the process.

Given its prominence, several organizations has made it a point to recognize those who achieved impeccable functional design in various products. One of those is the Red Dot Awards. E-Sports is proud to share that a number of our own Technogym pieces were recognized by the acclaimed award giving body in 2014.

The Red Dot Design Awards

The Red Dot Design Awards is an international product competition conceptualized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, one of the most highly regarded design institutions in Europe. The Red Dot award is one of the most prestigious awards for design. Any product with the Red Dot badge means that it has superior construction and demonstrates high quality and excellence.

The Red Dot Design Awards is divided into three categories: Product Design, Communication Design, and Design Concept.

Technogym’s Achievements in the Field of Design

Technogym fitness equipment are some of the best in the wellness world

E-Sports International is the only distributor of Technogym products in the Philippines. Technogym, on the other hand, is the company behind Red Dot Awards-winning products such as the ARTIS® Cardio, Strength, and Kinesis Station Equipment and the OMNIATM functional training solution. The ARTIS product line even won four Red Dot Design awards in 2014.

ARTIS is conceptualized and manufactured in Italy and was built to help users train for cardio, strength, and functional routines. Guided by the principles of biomechanics and interactive technology, ARTIS features frameless geometric design, allowing users to move naturally and feel at ease during their workout. Gone are the days when people had to use bulky and unnecessarily complex machines.

Technogym has successfully combined both form and function

Another recipient of the Red Dot Design Awards is Technogym’s OMNIA functional training system. OMNIA, which in Latin means “all things,” offers infinite training possibilities in various modalities. Users can efficiently perform strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination routines without transferring to another machine. This comprehensive solution even lets users train as a group. This is made possible by the unique, minimalist and sleek design of the equipment.

Choose gym equipment that delivers maximum benefits to your user and space. Check out the E-Sports website to get more information about Technogym’s groundbreaking fitness equipment.

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