Choosing the right system for your football facility is important, but conducting regular maintenance is just as—if not more—important. Good maintenance enhances field performance, while also prolonging its lifetime.


Figure 1: Conducting regular maintenance can keep your field in tip-top shape.

Paying Attention to the Field

Create and follow a regular maintenance schedule. Field performance can only be maximized if the turf is brushed with regularity, and if the infill is monitored consistently and decompacted as necessary. These recurring tasks must also be done with greater frequency beyond the field’s third year of operations. It might be a good idea to hire groundsmen solely focused on these tasks. A field that undergoes regular brushing will maintain its visual appeal and perform more efficiently. A good rule to follow is to conduct a brushing sessions once for every forty hours of field use.


Figure 2: Brushing your turf blades regularly can maximize performance.


Decompacting the Infill

In artificial turf systems, the infill—a mix of rubber and sand—keeps the turf blades upright and enhances the field’s playability and ball behavior. Over time, the infill tends to become too compact, which makes the field harder and diminishes its shock absorption capacity. This also increases the blades’ exposure to the elements, and impedes proper water drainage.


Figure 3: Decompact your infill to prevent turf damage and injuries!


Regularly brushing the field can ensure that the infill is properly leveled.  There are maintenance machines that have the ability to brush, decompact, and remove dirt and debris simultaneously.  If your facility does not have such machine, it is advised to always clean the field manually for the safety of the players, and to prevent drainage problems. The infill should be checked every six months to determine whether decompacting will be necessary.

For larger fields that require more manpower—and for other more specific maintenance needs—one can choose to contact companies that specialize in the installation of artificial turf systems, its maintenance and are equipped with the best equipment possible, such as E-Sports International.

Artificial turf, while easy to maintain and manage, will need proper upkeep to maximize its service life. Operators are advised to keep these tips in mind:

  • When selecting a system, make sure to choose one provided by a company that performs regular maintenance.
  • Create a regular turf maintenance schedule and have a team of groundsmen to carry out that schedule
  • Brush the turf after 40 play hours to maintain proper infill levels.
  • Brushing the turf helps keep the infill loose and leveled. One should check whether the turf needs decompaction once every six months.
  • Avoid bringing flammable objects, food, and gum onto any artificial turf field. Food can result in bacteria development and players may get infected.
  • Encourage the use of proper footwear.

E-Sports International is a leading sports architecture firm that specializes in turf installation and maintenance. We are also the exclusive partner and distributor of Limonta, one of the nine FIFA Preferred Producers. For all your artificial turf needs, drop us a message at or contact us at +632.807.2383.

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