Rubber floors may initially seem like a unique finish for a facility, especially for commercial spaces. However, few people know that rubber floors are a better alternative to other surfaces like wood, concrete and marble. Rubber floors have a non-slip feature and reduce noise. At the same time, they include an anti-microbial treatment that makes it more sanitary than other surface options. Read on to learn about the six ways public spaces can benefit from rubber flooring. 

Durable and resilient, commercial hardwood floors can last for years to come.

Commercial floors can withstand heavy continuous traffic for years.

1.)   Long-lasting and reliable

Commercial rubber floors, like Neoflex’s600 and 700 series, are constructed using synthetic colored EPDM rubber and recycled black rubber. These materials are not only proven to last years of continued use, they were also designed to withstand heavy weight, making them the perfect addition to high-traffic areas such as office spaces, healthcare facilities, schools, retail stores, cinemas and fitness gyms. At the same time, they are also flame-retardant. With this product, facility owners won’t have to worry about chipped paint jobs, cracked floors or even scorch marks.

2.)   Safe and reduces the chances of accidents

Floor options such as wood and marble can get slippery once they get wet or moist. That’s not a problem with commercial rubber floors. Their non-slip feature reduces the risk of accidents, especially when the surface is wet.

Commercial rubber floors have noise reduction properties, creating a more pleasant atmosphere in your spaces.

Commercial floors are beneficial to libraries since they reduce noise.

3.)   Features noise-reduction properties

One factor that can turn any facility unappealing is noise. Rephouse’s Neoflex line of commercial rubber floors has sound insulating properties that reduce the volume of noise, thereby providing a more pleasant atmosphere. This is especially ideal for offices, healthcare facilities, libraries and fitness gyms, where noise can become a distraction for customers.

Commercial rubber floors are a healthier option since they resist germs and bacteria.

Commercial rubber floors create a safer environment for everyone because of its anti-microbial properties.

4.)   Sanitary and Healthy

Rephouse’s commercial rubber flooring solutions contain anti-microbial treatment, which ensures a surface’s cleanliness despite heavy use. At the same time, this feature reduces the risk of mold build up, which can cause allergies and lead to more serious health issues. Most importantly, Rephouse’s rubber flooring solutions are composed of nontoxic materials.

5.)   Easy to clean

Most surfaces, like carpets, hardwood and marble, have complicated cleaning and maintenance procedures that require regular professional cleaning. Neoflex’s commercial rubber floors are finished with polyurethane coating, meaning they can be cleaned using conventional means, like mopping and wiping. Facility owners won’t have to worry about dirt again since they’re so easy to take care of.

Commercial rubber floors come in different designs that can match your building’s interiors.

Commercial rubber floors come in a variety of attractive patterns.

6.)   Comes in a variety of colorful and ingenious designs

Commercial rubber floors come in a variety of patterns that will suit the facility owner’s theme. Using these surfaces, people will easily figure out what design goes best in their building and what look people will find attractive.

Check out the E-Sports website to find more information about commercial flooring solutions. Make the right choice and elevate the safety, durability and functionality of your spaces using commercial rubber floors.

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