While many of us spend most of our time in concrete structures, it is undeniable that there’s a part of us that longs to be part of nature. This is probably why commercial and residential developers do their best to incorporate green spaces into their projects. Not only does greenery make a development more attractive, but it also adds value to the space.

Pets running around in a green space.

Green, sustainable spaces are one of the most sought after real estate options.

If you’re a developer, you shouldn’t add parks and playgrounds just to check off a tick box. In this piece by E-Sports International, you’ll learn that creating the perfect green space involves a lot of careful thought and planning.

Build for People

A small space where both adults and kids can be active.

Active parks surrounded by greenery are staples in modern green spaces.

As we’ve said, green spaces should not just be bullet points on your marketing materials. If you’re designing these features, make sure they will be genuinely useful to people. Develop an activity park if you know most residents are professionals who want a healthy way to blow off steam. Likewise, include a playground if most residents have young children. Anticipate people’s needs and let that guide your development.


A weekend market in a green space’s commercial venue.

Green spaces not only offers functionality but versatility.

That being said, your green space should also have a bit of versatility to maximize its value. Can your park, for example, serve as a venue for weekend markets or community events, too? In other words, your space should have a specific function along with a more general use.


Limonta’s artificial turf features drainage properties.

Maintenance is a key factor in sustainable green spaces.

Green spaces also require a fair bit of maintenance, so you have to factor in sustainability to minimize environmental impact. One way to do this is to install cisterns that collect rainwater that can later be used for irrigation. Another option is to use artificial turf like Limonta’s Deluxe or Tuscany lines instead of natural grass to drastically minimize water usage.

Plant Wisely

A park near a residential area.

Make sure to plant trees that can thrive and flourish.

When planting trees, be sure to select ones that are suitable to the climate and environment of your area. This is especially true for urban developments where trees must contend with pollution. Also, provide at least six feet of “root space” between trees and pavements so roots won’t damage them. Pay attention to tree height as well so the branches don’t end up tangled with the power lines.

Green Roofs

 A lush and tranquil park on top of a condominium building.

A garden on the roof is a great addition to any building.

To maximize a condominium or building’s roof, you can turn it into a garden where people can drop by and relax for a few minutes. Since the soil will be saturated with water, make sure that the extra weight won’t exceed your roof’s load-carrying capacity. To be certain, work with experienced green roof designers to ensure that all structural standards are met.


A small lake in a park located inside a residential community.

Having a small lake in the middle of a development can provide many benefits to your community.

Many developments now offer artificially made wetlands such as lakes to differentiate themselves from the competition. More than just being aesthetically pleasing, these waterbodies must also integrate well with an area’s existing ecosystem, while also serving as a catch basin for rainwater during the rainy season.

There are many benefits to creating green spaces, from providing a communal place for people to increasing real estate prices. Keep these tips in mind so you can design the perfect green space for your development.

And if you want to learn more about Limonta’s eco-friendly artificial turf products, be sure to visit E-Sports International.

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