Looking for some design inspiration for a home gym? Hollywood celebrities and star athletes can teach you a thing or two about creating the perfect workout space at home.

Ryan Philippe


The Cruel Intentions star created a tranquil, minimalist corner gym with a few key pieces (cross trainer, treadmill, weights and exercise ball). While small in size, Ryan’s smart choice of equipment enables a complete workout. Its zen-like qualities also encourage a mindful exercise experience.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen


New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen’s home gym shows their exemplary commitment to their careers. Equipped with multiple machines, a challenging pull up bar, an extensive array of weights and various medicine and water balls, this couple’s gym gives them the opportunity to stay in perfect shape throughout the year.

Rafael Nadal


Wondering why Rafael Nadal is still the remaining champion of his sport? Just look at his home gym. Equipped with Technogym’s premium and innovative machines, including the Vario cardiovascular cross trainers and the Kinesis One multi-gym equipment, Rafa’s home gym lets him to train and hone every part of his body, allowing him to reach peak performance during his matches. His home gym and his fitness regimen might very well be one of the reasons why he still stands as one of tennis’ greatest players.



Want to know how the 56-year old Queen of Pop looks as if she just came out of her thirties? It’s all because of her strict fitness regimen and her fancy and luxurious home gym. Madonna does a lot of dance workouts and spends hours working her muscles on treadmills, cross-fitness machines and Technogym’s revolutionary Kinesis system, which offers a multi-movement workout that increases strength, balance and flexibility

Marc Gasol


There’s a reason why Marc Gasol, the Memphis Grizzlies powerhouse, is always on the top of his game. And that’s because of his gym equipment. This NBA superstar favors fitness devices that hone all of his skills, which is why spends hours on the Technogym Kinesis and the Synchro. Using both of these devices allows Marc Gasol to elevate his game and increase his stamina, which is important for one of the most popular NBA players.

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Photo 3, 4 and 5 from Technogym

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