A pioneer in commercial football fields in the country, Turf BGC is one of the most popular artificial fields in Metro Manila. Installed in 2012, it caters to both amateur and professional football teams—the Philippine Azkals, for example, were one of the first teams to hold regular practice sessions on the field. Turf BGC is also the very first field in the Philippines to use the Limonta Max S Football artificial turf, which players describe as “world class” and “comfortable.” After years of constant use, however, even the best fields need some upkeep.

The TurfCare removes dirt from the Limonta field at Turf BGC.

The innovative Turfcare thoroughly cleans the field, making it look good as new.

An E-Sports International Commitment

On a trip to Thailand, Audris Romualdez, E-Sports Managing Director, was introduced to Batiste Al Nawakil, a turf maintenance expert. Sharing the passion of building superior sports surfaces, Al Nawakil recommended the Turfcare TCA1400 machine by SMG Equipment to E-Sports. Together with years of professional experience and the only TurfCare machine in the country, E-Sports is the sole company in the Philippines that has the technology and capability for an exclusive regular upkeep using this state-of-the-art equipment.

The TurfCare TCA1400 is a product of SMG Equipment.

The TurfCare TCA1400 is the first premium turf maintenance machine in the country.

True to its mission of building quality sports facilities and lasting commitment to clients, E-Sports recently conducted a repair and maintenance session at its very first installation, the Turf BGC. To maintain the turf’s superior quality, the TurfCare machine was used.  “We’re using this for the first time here in BGC. This is our way of giving back to our client for believing in us,” says Romualdez.

TurfCare by SMG: Quality Machines for Quality Turfs

The TurfCare removes dirt from the Limonta field at Turf BGC.

Before and after shot of the innovative Turfcare maintenance system.

Boasting the latest technology in artificial turf maintenance, the innovative TurfCare features a rotary brush that straightens the turf fibers, gathers dirt, and combs out the fibrillations in the artificial grass. Inside are also two vibrating screens that work as dirt trays that can be adjusted precisely depending on the degree of pollution and the grid size of the infilling material. The machine also has a trailing brush row that levels the infill, while also gently brushing the fibers into an upright position.

The TurfCare, a key component of E-Sports’ Preventing Maintenance Programs.

E-Sports maintenance service ensures that all of its installations are in the best shape possible.

With repeated brushing of the grass and leveling of the infill, worn parts of the field are revived and become as visually appealing, safe, and efficient as they were when they were first installed. Furthermore, the TurfCare machine does not only ensure that athletes are playing on the best surfaces, but it also helps extends the field’s life.

Turf BGC

Measuring 305ft x 164ft, Turf BGC’s standard community football field is equipped with a 3-meter high permanent fence, 10-meter high net, and a powerful lighting system. In its inception, Limonta Max S artificial turf was installed to deliver the best football games, while having minimal maintenance and upkeep. Limonta Max S has a unique double S-shaped blade of artificial grass which provides core and strength support to each blade of grass, ensuring perfect ball roll, bounce, speed, and direction. The Limonta Max S also uses an enhanced polymer to minimize skin abrasion among the players, ensuring that the grass looks and feels natural.

The high-quality and world-class artificial grass of Turf BGC.

Turf BGC features the Limonta Max S, a top-of-the-line pitch perfect for football players.

Known worldwide as a provider of quality artificial turf, Limonta installations in the country and abroad are accredited by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It is also the preferred turf producer by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

For more information on how E-Sports can help you keep your turf in top condition, contact us today.

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