These days, there is a huge variety in exercise options for women. However, resistance training remains to be one of the best, time-tested workout regimens. Using weights, weight machines and medicine balls, resistance training brings many benefits beyond improved strength and endurance. Here are some of them:  

1. Get toned, but keep your curves


Many workouts deliver their on promise of weight loss. However, along with the unwanted weight, fat and muscle tissues are lost as well, leading to the loss of your feminine curves. With resistance training, these necessary fat and muscle tissues are developed and sustained in the right places, helping you keep your shape.

2. Have a Healthier Heart and Stronger Bones


Studies show that people who lift weights are less likely to have heart disease risk factors. Strength training lowers blood pressure and glucose levels, making it a great way to avoid diabetes too. As people age, the loss of bone mass is also inevitable. Strength training is recommended to improve bone health and decrease the risk of bone diseases associated with aging such as osteoporosis.

3. Burn More Calories

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In strength training, each pound of muscle tissue requires 30 calories to be burned every day. That means the more calories are burned, the more your metabolism increases. Moreover, strength training also facilitates Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, which allows the body to continuously consume oxygen even after working out.

Burning fat just gets better and easier with Technogym’s Unica™ multi-function training system, where you can target strength training for specific muscle groups. The Unica system includes a wellness pad for stretching, workout bands, grips and pulleys that enable customized, comprehensive workouts.  A great addition to any home or corporate gym, the Unica™ only takes up 16 square feet of floor space but allows over 25 different exercises.

4. Combat Stress


Regular exercise releases endorphins and reduces stress. According to researchers, people who constantly work out show better reaction when dealing with stressful situations. Strength-training, in particular, is known to improve cognitive function and improve memory.

Women don’t need to sign up for private classes to enjoy the benefits of resistance training. Basic strength exercises lifting weights, planking, side planking, short arc squats, wall slides, wall shin raises, straight leg raises, heel step downs, crunches, lunges, and arm raises can all be easily incorporated into everyday workout routines.

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