One of the most important aspects of any sporting facility is the floor. In choosing a surface, owners and facility managers have to consider durability, safety, upkeep, maintenance cost and even repair expenses. 

Seamless indoor sports floors, such as the ones Rephouse offers, and PVC surfaces are easily two of the most popular floor selections in the world today. Constructed using artificial materials and typically used in modern buildings, particularly contemporary gyms and sports centers, these two types of flooring have a variety of benefits that are not found in traditional surface options like wood and concrete. However, many people still don’t know the difference between PVC and seamless indoor sports floors. Which one is the right choice? Which one is the smarter long-term investment?

In this post, we offer a comparative analysis that discusses the differences between seamless indoor sports floors and PVC floors in order to help you determine the best choice for your facility.

1. Construction and Durability

A car show inside a sporting facility featuring PVC floors.

PVC floors are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of cars.

Durability is one of the most talked-about features for both PVC and seamless indoor sports floors. PVC floors are sturdy enough as it is, but each mat includes a wear layer on top of the surface itself, helping the floor withstand daily foot traffic.

Decoflex Indoor Sports Floor at Jumeria University

Seamless indoor sports floors use a resilient rubber base mat that can be altered depending on intended use.

Seamless indoor sports flooring systems, on the other hand, incorporate a resilient rubber base mat that can be altered to different thickness, depending on the facility’s requirements. It also includes a polyurethane wear coat combined with a polyurethane top coat that guarantees maximum playability and long-lasting resilience.

Winner: Seamless Indoor Sports Floors. Seamlessindoorsports floors provide triple the protection PVC offers. If you have a facility that’s constantly used for basketball, volleyball and tennis, seamless indoor sports floors have better durability and resilience.  Seamless sports floors are also flexible enough to be used for multipurpose functions if the gymnasium it is installed in doubles as a testing site, a prom venue, or even a concert. PVC, on the other hand, will require a special cover to simulate this same multipurpose function.

2. Design and Aesthetics

Decoflex Seamless Indoor Sports Floor at West Moreton Anglican College.

Sports floors come in various shades that can complement the design of your space.

Both seamless indoor sport floors and PVC surfaces are available in a variety of colors that can easily suit any decorating theme and style. This is especially important for a facility built to host a specific sports team.

However, it is important to note that PVC is prefabricated in a factory. The products already come out in mat form, designed for welding during the installation process. This simply means that facility owners won’t have the chance to make any changes and alterations should there be a need for it.

The great thing about seamless indoor sports floors is it is mixed on site, during the actual installation process. This presents owners the important opportunity to make minor alterations and changes on site in case needed.

 Winner: Seamless Indoor Sports Floors. Although both products offer a variety of colors seamless indoor sports floors take this round due to its more flexible and client-friendly aesthetic features.

3. Safety Features

Both seamless indoor sports floors and PVC floors offer some degree of safety that makes them comparatively better than traditional floors. PVC typically comes with a non-slip feature, providing players more stability when they run up and down the court, lowering the chances of them slipping or falling during a heated match.

Decoflex Seamless Indoor Sports Floor at Darling Heights State School.

Seamless indoor sports floors include both a non-slip and force-reduction property, making it a safer space for athletes.

Seamless indoor sports floors don’t just include a non-slip quality; they also absorb impact and feature force-reduction properties. As a result, seamless indoor sports floors reduce the strains players receive on their muscles and bones, significantly reducing the chances of harm and injury. The force-reduction properties also make the floors suitable for multipurpose use, making it the ideal choice for school dances, examinations, parties and other social gatherings.

 Winner: Seamless indoor sports floors. Seamlessindoorsports floors easily win this round. Not only do they keep unfortunate slipping accidents from happening, they also alleviate the strain and pain players regularly experience, allowing them to perform better during a match or during a rigorous training session.

4. Maintenance

Several types of PVC floors ready for use.

PVC floors resist moisture, reducing the chances of mold infestation.

PVC and seamless indoor sports floors are both far easier to maintain compared to wood and concrete. PVC floors resist moisture. This not only makes cleanup quicker and stress-free, but it also reduces the chances of mold growth. Upkeep is easy, with only a simple daily sweep or a thorough wipe using a damp mop to keep it clean. However, in order to achieve that shiny surface, polish may need to be applied every few months.

Decoflex Indoor Sports Floor at One Serendra Condominium Complex by Ayala Land.

Seamless indoor sports floors are constructed with a polyurethane treatment, making them look as if they were just polished.

Seamless indoor sports floors include a premium polyurethane treatment, which means that facility owners won’t have to spend time and cash in applying any sealant or polish to the floor. At the same time, seamless indoor sports floors are pretty to clean. Sweeping and vacuuming are effective against dust and dry earth, and some light mopping using a damp or moist cloth can take care of spills or any dirt sticking to the surface.

Winner: Tied. Both PVC floors and seamless indoor sports floors are both very easy to clean.

5. Environmental Risks

PVC floors are typically constructed using petroleum. While this may be a resilient material, it is non-renewable, making it harmful to the environment. Most PVC floors are disposed through incineration and burial. Burning the item contributes to air pollution and causes irreparable harm to the ozone layer, while improper burial can be toxic to the earth.

Decoflex Seamless Indoor Sports Floor at Unilab Philippines.

This Decoflex seamless indoor sports floor from Rephouse is made from materials that are guaranteed to be safe to the environment.

Seamless indoor Sports floors from reputable manufacturers, such as Rephouse, are free of halogen, formaldehyde and vinyl, materials that are known to cause serious harm to nature. Rephouse also has an Environmental Management System, ensuring that products are assessed and improved in order to comply with global standards of environmental safety.  At the same time, Rephouse also complies with legal requirements to prevent pollution and improve environmental conditions.

Winner: Seamless indoor sports floors. This surface solution is guaranteed not to cause irreparable harm to the environment. Of course, since it’s not hazardous to the environment that would also mean it’s safer for the people who use them.

6. Longevity and Replacement

PVC floors are sturdy, but they have expiration dates. After years of continuous use, most PVC floors will show scratches and traces of wear. Over time, vinyl floors also develop bumps and curls especially around the edges and areas where they are welded together. It is also important to note that PVC floors are not repairable. The most one could do is to patch up a ruined section, which can create an uneven surface.

Decoflex seamless indoor sports floor at the National Sports Council Center in Titwangsa, Malaysia.

Seamless indoor sports floors are easier to repair compared to PVC floors.

Seamless indoor sports floors are resilient and are guaranteed to last for years. At the first sign of damage, some companies, like E-Sports, can restore your floor to its original conditions. E-Sports also help keep the surface looking brand new through their deep cleaning services.

Winner: Seamless indoor sports floors. Not only do they provide resilience throughout the year, users can also be assured that they always have the chance to get their floors repaired or cleaned at any time.

Although PVC floors put up a good fight, it’s clear that sports floors are the better choice. Seamless indoor sports floors are safe, reliable, resilient to heavy use and easy to clean and repair. A hassle-free product, indoor sports floors are definitely worth the time and investment.

E-Sports offers a wide variety of seamless indoor sports flooring solutions from reputable global brand Rephouse. Contact us to learn more.


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