Bangkok Patana School, a British international school in Thailand, is developing its facilities in order to improve their services to the school’s community. Patana School’s sports facility, in particular, is a great example of how a school integrated safety features and structural durability with beautiful design and sports architecture.


Improved Game Performance and Safety

Bangkok Patana School stepped up its game and improved its Indoor Sports Hall with Rephouse’s DecoFlex Universal Combi Elastic Flooring System, a rubber-based flooring mat coated in several layers of polyurethane (PU). A global industry leader in providing world-class flooring solutions, Rephouse is known for its innovative design and durable flooring products, ideal for schools, gyms, multipurpose rooms, tracks, offices and other facilities.

The flooring of Bangkok Patana’s Sports Hall is constructed using a highly durable colored synthetic EPDM and features a seamless PU finish and impact resistant rubber pads. These ensure optimum playability, slide control, slip resistance, rebound and safety. Rephouse’s DecoFlex is ideal for various activities like competitive sports and extensive training. The non-slip features also help decrease the chances of accidents and minimize falls and slips.

Exceptional Quality and Durability

This Rephouse installation in Bangkok is low-maintenance, making it the perfect choice for a school gym. The polyurethane (PU) topcoat is resistant to wear and tear, moisture and mold formation. Unlike concrete and wood flooring that can become slippery and dangerous when not maintained properly, DecoFlex PU flooring prioritizes safety above everything else.


Quality Seamless Finish

In addition to the improved performance and quality, DecoFlex also offers attractive aesthetic features that enhance the look of any facility. For the Bangkok Patana School’s Sports Hall, captivating shades of blue and bright orange were used, reflecting the school colors. The seamless finish of this flooring solution complements its clean design, adding to the visual appeal.

Versatile Flooring

Since it is an international school, the Bangkok Patana School likewise serves as the center of British and international community in Thailand. The school is a frequent venue for social and recreational events for young people, usually organized by local communities and organizations from the UK. After class hours, the Sports Hall is filled with students engaging in athletic, recreational and cultural extracurricular activities together with peers, teachers, and guests.

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