A workplace designed for upscale urban achievers deserves nothing less than a corporate gym that offers the same level of innovative design and excellence. Alveo Land, a leading developer of vibrant communities and first class living solutions, together with E-Sports International, worked together to create the Alveo Wellness Center, a holistic workout space for all of its employees.

With machines supplied by Technogym, an Italian wellness company that creates well-designed, safe, and biomechanically precise equipment, employees can expect an innovative wellness center within a high-end corporate setting. Machines included in the space are equipment from the lines FORMA Cardio, Plurima Strength, Element+, Free Weights, and ARKE.

Enjoy superior workouts with Technogym treadmills

Cardio and Strength

For comprehensive cardio training, there is the FORMA Smart Cardiovascular Line. These treadmills are designed for durability, functionality, and versatility. The Forma Line comes with a CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system. This innovation monitors and tracks a user’s heartbeat, in order to ensure that every workout is perfect for an individual’s needs. At the same time, fitness buffs can also enjoy their favorite videos with the equipment’s Entertainment Support feature. This addition allows anyone to place their tablet or smartphone on the display panel with no hassles involved, giving them the opportunity to watch whatever they like conveniently.

For strength equipment, Alveo Gym has the Plurima Smart Multistation, a product of 25 years of research. The Plurima Multistation allows users to exercise with various modules for muscle toning and strength improvement. It combines ease of use, sleek compact design, and training options in multitudes.

Technogym equipment are one of the best in the world

Durability, Ergonomic Design, and Functional Traning

To complement the Plurima Smart Multistation, Alveo Gym has the Element+ and Free Weights for power and strength training. The Element+ AB Crunch Benches feature a counterbalanced ergonomic backrest for safe and effective facilitated crunches designed to avoid back and neck stress while working out specific muscles such as the abs and obliques. The Free Weights, on the other hand, are urethane-encased dumbbells with the Roto 360 feature that allows independent 360 degree rotation of the handle to decrease tension on the wrists.

Also part of the wellness center is the ARKE Core Centric Training Kit for full body movement, functional training, and immediate results. The core-focused training increases coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, and power. Included in the kit are air balls, wellness balls, medicine balls, water balls, stability disks, balance pads, kettle blocks, and more.

Enjoy Technogym at the Alveo Wellness Center

Innovative Active Lifestyle

E-Sports has provided the Active Sitting Wellness Balls located in the Innovation Lounge. These are designed to improve balance, posture, and muscle strength. These Wellness Balls enable an innovative and dynamic exercise even while sitting down. The group exercise area has wellness mats and step boards for Yoga, Zumba and aerobics.

At the Alveo Gym, employees can now work out in a first-class venue with nothing but the best and highest quality wellness equipment available.

Contact E-Sports to learn more about our customized corporate gym facilities.

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