The functional training trend has taken over the fitness industry for quite some time now. With the rising popularity of CrossFit, mix martial arts gyms and circuit training spaces, even traditional gyms have adapted and are now offering non-conventional training for the fast-paced gym goers.

For high intensity training, it is important to have high impact floors not only to help cushion the athletes that train on them but to safeguard the gym from the heavy weights that fall on it. Rephouse’s Neoflex High Impact Rubber Tiles is the perfect solution for this very purpose. Here are some benefits in investing in High Impact Rubber Tiles

1. Unparalleled impact support and traction

Neoflex High Impact Tiles are resilient rubber tiles manufactured to decrease the effect of heavy weights and plates’ impact on floors, which wooden or tiled surfaces cannot. High Impact Tiles are also great for traction and are certified to be slip resistant.

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2. Perfect sound barrier

With a wide range of thickness options from 15mm to 75mm, High Impact Rubber tiles provides superior sound and vibration padding ensuring that the areas above, below and around the gym enjoy a muted, if not completely soundproof barrier. In addition to this, its natural elasticity reduces noise created from walking by up to 18 decibels.

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3.  High level of durability

Neoflex High Impact Rubber Tiles are tough and resilient against a variety of conditions. Made from a dense EPDM top surface co-molded to a recycled rubber base, these tiles are extremely durable, guaranteed to last within the life of the space it is installed in.

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4.  Low maintenance

Nothing a simple warm water wash and mopping can’t handle, Neoflex High Impact Tiles come with fresh finish coating that makes cleaning easy to handle. The fresh finish also decreases the occurrence of germs because of its microbial treatment feature, allowing the rubber to be nonporous.

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5. Fire and Burn Resistant

Neoflex High Impact Rubber Tiles are resistant to burns left from small heat sources. They are also nontoxic and will not release harmful fumes into the air in case of fire.

6. Wide color and finish choices

Neoflex High Impact Rubber Tiles are available in a huge variety of colors and finishes to choose from. Completely customizable, you can also incorporate graphic layouts to the system, making it a perfect platform in expanding creativity.

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7.  Eco-friendly choice

High impact rubber tiles from Rephouse are an environmentally-friendly floor option as it contains high percentage of recycled rubber with no substances that can harm the environment.


Contact E-Sports to know more about Neoflex High Impact Tiles and other rubber flooring solutions from Rephouse.

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