MYRUN TECHNOGYM® brings you the ultimate running experience, with personalized training programs and running technique feedback—all while allowing you to run in the comfort of your home. 

Technology has transformed fitness routines for modern athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As a result we’ve seen a shift in the average fitness enthusiast’s attitude towards their workout goals. Counting calories and monitoring fat loss are out of date. Today’s modern athletes rely on technology to break down their performance into data and give them feedback.

Technogym continues to be a leader in the fitness industry by producing state-of-the-art equipment that uses technology to create the most efficient workout routines. Their products combine sports science and biomechanics, making them the perfect exercise partner for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The MYRUN TECHNOGYM® was designed by fellow runners to permanently improve the way you run. It’s the first solution for running that seamlessly integrates a treadmill and a native app that syncs to your tablet, giving you easy access to all your running data. Whatever your running goal is, you can find a program to fit your needs. Just download the MYRUN App to your tablet to plan personalized exercises, training sessions, and routines.

MYRUN TECHNOGYM® makes your running routine truly personal with RUNNING MUSIC and RUNNING RATE. RUNNING MUSIC is a program that chooses songs based on your running rhythm, making MYRUN TECHNOGYM® the first music interactive treadmill ever. RUNNING RATE is a running performance index created by Technogym’s medical and scientific team. By measuring your step frequency, stride length, and displacement rate, RUNNING RATE greatly improves running efficiency while reducing risk of injury.

MYRUN TECHNOGYM® has an innovative running surface that is the perfect mix of damping and rebound, allowing it to adapt to the way you run. It absorbs impact without taking away momentum. MYRUN TECHNOGYM® also has a footprint-running space ratio comparable to professional treadmills, offering you freedom of movement while still saving you space and energy. It is the only treadmill in its category that can boast minimal environmental impact, with an energy consumption on stand-by of less than 0.5 W.  

Finally, to perfect your running experience, MYRUN TECHNOGYM® makes things fun. By connecting the MYRUN app to Zwift, you can challenge your friends from home. Run through the virtual streets of Watopia, Richmond, or London, all while showing others your progress through the app. 

With MYRUN TECHNOGYM®, you can make your run truly unique. Begin your personalized running session and experience the ultimate outdoor run without leaving your home.


Contact E-Sports International today if you are interested in acquiring a MyRun Technogym Treadmill for your home.


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