Gym design is a game of balance. You want your equipment to take up as little space as possible, because the efficient use of floor space means better profits. At the same time, you also want to make absolutely certain that you’re catering to all the fitness needs of your members. This is the problem encountered by a lot of people starting gyms: If your equipment is too large, it might limit the number of members that can exercise; but if your equipment is too small, it might fail to offer the intensity or diversity of exercises your clientele is looking for.

This is the exact problem that the experts at Technogym—one of the world leaders in gym equipment, and the equipment supplier of the 2016 Rio Olympics—looked to solve when they designed the Excite® Climb.

The Excite® Climb is the most space-efficient stair climbing equipment in the market, with its measurements clocking in at just 51” by length, 30” by width, and 74” by height. But even with its relatively slim frame, the Excite® Climb is also one of the most effective and efficient pieces of training equipment available today.


Users will always be able to utilize three entire steps, which allows them to perform a variety of exercises, from jumps, to lunges, to hip extensions, and many others. The Excite® Climb also offers a number of pre-set workouts including three unique ones, namely, the “B-Side,” which focuses on the lower body, the “Sweat it Out,” which specializes in burning fat, and the “Body Buster,” which sharpens users’ athletic skills.

CLIMB EXCITE – Technogym

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Of course, the Excite Climb also features high tech features that have helped other Technogym products separate themselves from common gym equipment. It offers virtual outdoor courses that make both leisurely climbs and intense workouts more engaging; it connects with other Excite® Climbs, which allows users to compete with and push one another to better performances; and it is fully integrated with the mywellness account, which allows users to access their workout data on any Technogym machine.

The Excite® Climb was also built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its steel hinges are rustproof and stainless, and its chain is self-lubricating. It is also built with titanium alloy guides, which prevent corrosion and make certain that the device remains low-maintenance.

Make no mistake: Designing a gym still requires insight, balance, and a sense of familiarity with the fitness goals of its future users. This is a process that will always be challenging. But with equipment like the Technogym Excite® Climb, it has certainly become a lot easier.

We at E-Sports International will be glad to talk to anyone interested in the Excite Climb. Send us an email at or call us at (02) 809 7134 / (02) 807 9813 to learn more about the Excite® Climb or about any of our other offerings.

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